Independence By Meg Glawe

By Meg Glawe
Knowing you have it.
• When you parents decide to let you make
decisions for yourself.
• When you leave home.
Different Kinds of Independence.
Being Trusted
Being Depended on by others
Being Responsible for your own actions.
Parents are not looking down your back.
You are looked at as an adult.
You have to watch your own back.
Knowing how to get used to it.
• Realize other people could be going
through the same things when it comes to
being independent.
How to use it to your Advantage
Stay Up as late as you want.
Do what you want when you want to.
Make your own decisions for your life.
You are able to decide what you want
with the rest of your life.
The Disadvantages with Independence.
You may do things that get you a bad rep.
Having to buy your own food.
Get yourself into Legal trouble.
Do something that can effect your future.
Learning to accept it.
• Learn what is right and wrong, learn from
your mistakes.
• Independence is great and consider it an