Sherif Robbers Cave Experiment p4

Sherif Robbers Cave Experiment
By Anthony Boyle, Jay Williams, Jose
Ibarra, and Corey Fillers
• The Hypothesis was that if two groups that
are faced with competition and group
frustration will result in prejudice and Hostile
Research Testing
• For the testing they took 22 ,11 year old boys
and sent them to a summer camp where they
were divided into 2 groups, the Eagles and
rattlers. To see how prejudices can interfere
with the two group.
• The researchers observed the two teams
interact and presented them with
competitions, like a baseball game and they
observed them in the mess hall and cabins.
• They found that they resorted to name-calling
and vandalizing of each others cabins and flag.
They found that group naturally own ideas
and formed prejudice about the other group.
But then they gave both groups a single task
where they found that both goals worked
together to fix the problem.