Udston Extension News Letter – Feb 2015 TC

Udston Primary School Extension
February 2015
Udston Primary School Extension
Welcome to the first Newsletter about your new extension. It must
be very exciting to hear that your school is now being increased in
As you will see we have already demolished some of the old school
building, this is to allow us to create an access road down to your
school so that we can start to build the extension. You will see our
new gates on Fleming Way which is going to be our site access and
soon we will have cabins in place which the site team and workers
will use for the duration of the project.
Now that the demolition is complete we will start work to the back of
your new school, this area is now fenced off as this is the
construction zone until works are fully complete. The extension will
provide another 3 classrooms, GP room, toilets and an office facility.
Over the coming weeks we will be carrying out a lot of digging work
with the soil going off site and we will have a large volume of
deliveries bringing in materials for your new extension therefore
Fleming Way will become busy at certain times of the day. We
would ask for your help in making sure that you and your friends
stay safe and keep well away from the site as construction sites are
dangerous places .
Looking ahead
Over the next few weeks we will
• Digging and removing excess
soil from site
• Commencing foundations
• Installing new drainage
• Installing cabins
• Completing access road
• Delivering lots of equipment
and material
Contact us
It is our intention to complete these
projects with minimal disruption.
However if you have any concerns
please contact our site staff who
are available from 8am to 5pm
Monday to Friday.
Laura Allison – Senior Site