Harry Potter and the Sorcerer`s Stone Essay Test

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Essay Test
Write a detailed essay in the class period provided in which you compare
yourself to one character in the novel (the best might be to do Harry, Ron, or
Hermione but another character is allowed too).
First discuss the character you choose and the main personality traits of that
character. What are their strengths? Weaknesses?
Next discuss why you relate to this character. Give detailed comparisons
between yourself and that character. Also make sure you use examples from
the book, this is also to make sure you really read (and I’m a huge Harry
Potter fan so I’ll know if you just watched the movie ).
Lastly, what problems arise for this character at Hogwarts? Especially focus
on the theme of fitting-in. What do they struggle with the whole novel, and
do they find solutions to those problems? I want you to briefly describe the
consequences of these solutions and if there were none come up with an idea
of what you think a solution was and the consequences of that. Do you have
any similar experiences you can share that had similar outcomes?
I will be grading on:
Whether all three parts of this prompt are answered. You should talk about
the character, how you relate to the character using examples from the book
and your life, and what problems/solutions/consequences arise for this
character (and yourself). (60 points/100)
Your paper should flow so don’t use numbers to mark off each question.
Are you organized? (10 points/100)
Do you show an understanding of the theme and the story? (20 points/100)
Is your spelling and grammar acceptable? (10 points/100)