Why did we add coaching and
mentoring to this programme?
• Because we believe the sum of what we deliver
offers more value than its individual components
• Because we know there are things you want to
explore individually that you cannot do in a group
• Because the challenges will still be there after the
workshops cease
• Because we are committed to you being the best you
can be
• And what you do is important to your organisation
• And your organisation will improve outcomes for
children and young people
Why coaching and mentoring?
• Purpose
• Performance
• Change
• Development
How can coaching and
mentoring help?
Managing change and choices
Solving problems and relationships
Taking risks and innovating
Setting vision and strategy
Understanding your organisation and
where you fit
What value does it add?
Improved motivation and confidence
Better self awareness
Effective use of self
Alternative behaviour strategies
Rehearsals and strategies for difficult
• Confidence and authority that others will
Who uses coaching and
• Well…………..#
• Athletes, performers, leaders,
workerbees, chief executives,
managers, frontline workers,
administrators, Board members, youth,
• 65% female/35% male
• 96% said they would use a coach again
+ International Coach Federation 2009
How does it work
• One to one, face to face, phone, skype
(sometimes email)
• Focus on the positive
• Locates your inner resources
• Space to think things through and test
things out
• Identifies what’s blocking progress
It isn’t
• Public – its confidenial
• Supervision – it’s your time
• Checking you out – its not about
• Counselling – coaching is about here
and now
• Therapy – it is a different methodology
• Easy – be prepared for challenge and
new ideas to emerge
What’s the offer?
• A minimum of two one-hour coaching
sessions per organisation per pilot
• (38 sessions in total across the pilot)
• Important to decide within the
organisation who to put forward (how
will you decide that?
• Telephone or Skype
• To be completed by September 2011
Who’s the Coach?
• Dawn Rees MA, CQSW,FInstLM
• Executive Coach and Leadership
Mentor since 2007
• A Graduate and Fellow of the Institute
of Leadership and Management
• A Member of the European Mentoring
and Coaching Council and bound by its
Code of Ethics
What clients have said about their
coaching experience
• Easy style refreshing insightful
experienced maximum impact positive
supportive expert resourceful strategic,
style empathic energetic challenging
humour respect imaginative rapport
courage outcome range creative
possibility successful leadership growth
Dawn Rees
07846 747728
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