Coaching as a Leadership Competency in the 21st Century

What is Coaching?
What is Coach Approach?
Learning – How do we prepare ourselves and our
youth to be life-long learners, productive and happy
contributing citizens?
Career – How do we ensure our youth/our future are able
to connect, collaborate, create, and construct in a future
that hasn’t been invented yet?
Globalization – instant access to information, cultures,
belief systems, global inequities, environmental impacts
Sustainability – building our leadership capacity to
forward vision, mission and values
Evidence of Impact
Throughout the entire processes of our conversations, I have a strong
feeling of being supported and validated. These are crucial
ingredients to the high level of trust I have in you.
Coaching has changed my life ; I have gained personal empowerment
I think I’ll continue to move forward, bringing greater creativity and
innovation to my work.
Prior to the coaching I think I tended to see things through the lens of
the challenges we face, working as a team is helping all of us see the
bigger picture and respond accordingly
I found that the coach approach assisted me in making personal
changes. I am learning to pay attention and to confront to what needs to
be confronted. I am continuing to learn how to ask great questions and
more importantly to support the follow-through. Coaching enhances
personal growth.
Evidence of Impact:
• The coach approach is a great way to get students to think
and look into themselves for answers about their future
rather than just being spoon fed ideas.
• They become responsible for the research needed to set
career directions. Simply, I realize that we are like the
children that we teach. We need to be acknowledged and
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