A Christmas Memory


A Christmas Memory By Truman Capote


A Christmas Memory Vocabulary

   Inaugurate  To make a formal beginning of  Nelson Mandela gave his first speech as the President of South Africa during his inauguration ceremony.

Exhilarate  To make merry or lively  I felt exhilarated seeing my friends for the first time after summer vacation.

Squander  To spend or use wastefully  My wife squandered all of our money on jewlery!

A Christmas Memory Vocabulary

   Conspiracy  A joining or acting together in a secretive way, often with wrongful motives.

 There was a conspiracy to overthrow the horrible King.

Prosaic  Dull; commonplace  The movie was prosaic; I spent the entire time texting my friends.

Garish  Too bright or gaudy  Las Vegas, the city of lights and excitement is often too garish for my taste.

A Christmas Memory Vocabulary

    Goad  To urge  Receiving an D+ on my last exam goads me to study harder.

Noncommittal  Not revealing one’s opinion or purpose  My kids ask and ask what they will get for Christmas, but I ignore them and they soon become frustrated by my noncommittal attitude.

Cavort  To leap or dance around  When Ahly beat Zamalek, the entire crowd was cavorting through the streets, shouting wildly.

Sever  To cut off  When my girlfriend dumped me for my best friend, I severed all communication with them.