merry christmas - Celebr8UandMeDigitally

In France, the celebration of christmas
varies by region. Most people celebrate
Christmas on the 25th of December.
However, in Eastern and Northern France
the Christmas season begins on 6 December
“la pete de Saint Nicholas”. In Lyon, 8
December is la Fete de lumieres. They put
candles in their windows to light up the city.
At Christmas, they eat dishes like
goose, chicken, capon, turkey stuffed
chestnuts, oysters and boudin blanc (white
pudding). Throughout the French Christmas
season there are special traditional desserts.
People give this brad
to the poor people.
It’s a round cake. Children eat
it. Who ever finds the toy in
the cake becomes the king or
French children put their shoes by the fireplace
on Christmas Eve in hopes that Santa Claus will bring
them some toy. Santa Claus is tall and thin, he has a
long red robe trimmed with fur.
He comes on the night
of the 24th of December
On Christmas Eve everyone eats a huge dinner
called “ Le Reveillon”. After this loge dinner of goose,
turkey, chickens or beef, a fish dish, bread wine and
French families hang mistletoe everywhere
because they think it brings luck.