P5 Newsletter Term 2 2014 - Whitehirst Park Primary School

Primary 5
Class Newsletter – Term 2
Session 2014-15
We hope that this information will enable you to take an active part in your child’s education this
term. Encourage your child to talk about what he/she has been learning in school on a daily basis.
Special Events/Dates to Remember
NOVEMBER WEEKEND – Friday 14th November – Monday 17th November
P1- 5 CHRISTMAS SHOW – Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th Dec – letter to follow
PANTOMIME – Tuesday 16th December
Our gym days this term
are Monday and
CHRISTMAS PARTY – Thursday 18th December
CLOSE FOR CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS – Friday 19th December 2.30pm
In Art we will design and construct a 3D model using a
We will be investigating Biological systems,
variety of suitable media to create visually interesting
taking a deeper look into the body systems
and the potential problems which may
art work.
In In Music we will be listening to and learning about music
associated with the festivities of Christmas while
Also, we will be developing a greater
concentrating on rhythm, chanting and percussion. We
understanding through investigations into
will also be preparing for our Christmas Concert
the role of micro-organisms.
‘Children of the World’.
Lastly, we will explore the structure and
function of sensory organs to develop
knowledge of body actions in response to
outside conditions.
Please involve yourself in
your child’s homework and
check the information in their
homework diary/reading
This term we will be delving into Christmas
customs and symbols where we will recognise
that religion is an important expression of
human experiences.
I of
We will be developing strategies to help us develop a good level
P5 will further develop word processing
skills by inserting graphics into a
In rugby we will learn about transferring weight in order to travel
Christmas Card design. They will continue
from one point to another while accurately passing a ball to my
to develop their understanding of
partner. We will be selecting and performing from a range of
Internet Safety and use the internet to
travelling styles to suit the traditional Scottish dances.
research their Science topics.
Additional Information
If you have any concerns regarding your child Miss Taylor will be happy to discuss them with you. Please
contact the school office to make an appointment. (01294 554538)