Freshmen Chapter 7 – Version 1

The Prophets
Crying Out the Word of God
• In-class review timeline on bottom of page 147
• Examine oldest known portrait of an Israelite
on page 148
• As the kingdoms of Israel & Judah declined,
prophets came forth to warn the people that
they needed to follow God’s law: stop paying
tribute to foreigners, stop fighting each other,
worshiping foreign gods, etc.
• “Non-writing prophets”: prophets whose
messages were written down by others, not by
• The four “non-writing prophets” were: Samuel,
Nathan both of whom we’ve met already; and
Elijah and Elisha whom we’ll met shortly
• The “writing prophets” are so-called because
they have separate books of the Bible named for
them: Amos, Hosea, Isaiah and Micah:
– Amos was a herdsman
– Hosea was a betrayed husband
– Isaiah a counselor of kings
– Micah was a devotee of the poor
• Watch “Social Locations of Prophets” video
• In-class read together the map of the prophets
on page 150
• In-class read the list of the prophets on bottom
of page 151
• Look at 3 videos in regard to the end of reign of
King Solomon: Part 15, Part 16 & Part 17
• In-class read pages 153 to 155 together
• Go to video “The Kingdom is Divided”
• Read in class the section entitled “Two
Kingdoms” on page 151
• Read in class the section entitled “The
Wicked Kings of the North”
• Go to video “Ahab and Jezebel”
• Go to video “The Sins of Jezebel”
• We now turn to the prophet Elijah and his
victory over the prophets of Baal and how
Jezebel reacted to these events (page 154155 in text)
• Watch video “Elijah and the Prophets of
• Watch video “Elijah and Jezebel”
• Watch only the start of the video “Elijah
condemns Ahab’s Greed”
• Read up to and including page 156 in text
• In textbook, read together in class section
entitled “Condemning Ahab’s Greed for a
Vineyard” on page 156
• In textbook, read together in class section
entitled “Free to Choose” on page 156
• In textbook, read together in class section
entitled “Off in a Chariot of Fire on pages
• Read “Elisha’s Miracles” on pages 157-158
• Watch videos “Elisha 1 and 2
• In textbook on page 158 read entire right
• In textbook on page 160 read entire left column
• Watch video “Amos Hosea and Malachi”
• Read about God’s disdain for empty worship in
right column on page 160
• In class read together entire page 161
• Watch videos “Hosea 1-3”
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