Student Manual Study Guide Chapter 1

Student Manual Study Guide for Chapter 1
Know the answers to the following questions in preparation for the Quiz 1.
1. What does Russell M. Nelson say was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith?
(p. 5)
2. According to Russell M. Nelson and the Bible Dictionary’s definition of
“Dispensations,” what things are required for a period of time to be considered a
gospel dispensation? (p. 5 & Bible Dictionary)
3. In the story related by President Hugh B. Brown, what did the British gentleman
identify as the greatest message to come to the earth since the announcement of the
birth of Christ? (p. 6)
4. Why did Joseph Smith say we need “unique revelation” from prophets today? (p. 6)
5. What points did President Packer make regarding revelation? (p. 7)
6. According to President Taylor, what is religion without true revelation? (p. 7)
7. What did President Kimball say in this section about revelation? (p. 7)
8. Who are sustained as prophets, seers, and revelators? (p. 8)
9. According to President Gordon B. Hinckley, who makes up the cornerstone and
foundation of the Church? (p. 9)
10. Under the heading “Prophets,” what are the roles and responsibilities of prophets?
What is the primary responsibility of prophets today? (p. 9)
11. Under the direction of the President of the Church, what do apostles have the right,
power, and authority to do? (p. 8)
12. President Joseph Fielding Smith described one of his colleagues as a seer. Who was
he describing? (p. 10)
13. We are not guaranteed that we will always like what the prophets say or teach, but
what are we guaranteed if we follow the prophets? (p. 13)
14. When can we disobey the prophets? (p. 13)
15. What does Elder Hales assure us we can avoid if we follow prophetic counsel? (p. 13)
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