Reduction Prints

Reduction Prints
Process – Planning/Research
Class introduction to Reduction Prints – PowerPoint
Background, Middle Ground, Foreground – Discussion PowerPoint, Group research
Photograph to work from (foreground, middle and background)
Sketch ideas/plans & work from resource photo – Individual work
Draw plan as a contour drawing (actual size) – Individual work
Transfer to linoleum block – Individual work
Paint plan on lino block (acrylic paint) 2 colors and black – Individual work
Carve away everything that will remain white and print the lightest color –
Individual work
Cut away everything that is the lightest color and print (registration) – continue
process until all layers are printed. – Individual work
Sign your edition – Individual work
Class Critique – Group Discussion
Process – creating prints
1. Cut away everything that will remain white.
2. Print the linoleum with the lightest color. Print all
prints and extras.
3. Cut away everything that will be the lightest color.
4. Print on top of the previous prints with the middle
5. Cut away everything that will be the medium color.
6. Print on top of the previous prints with the darkest
Process in Visuals
Example of printing lightest color first
Process in Visuals
• In order for colors to
print directly on top of
one another , we use a
registration process
• The linoleum is placed
in the center cut out
and the paper is lined
up with white corner
You will need to print more than
enough prints to allow for
registration problems.
Color number two – darker green
Then cut away all of the dark green
Print Color Three
Cut away everything but color four.
•Print the forth,
or last color on
all prints.
•Often the last
color is black
Color Plan
Natalia Moroz
Foreground, Middle Ground, Background
Foreground, Middle Ground,
Simple composition
How could this be different?
Complicated composition
Anthony Frasconi
Foreground, Middle, Background