SOC130W class preparation assignment 1-soul and active participation

Maiyoua Xiong
Professor Slusser
Soc 130W- MW 12P.M.
August 8, 2020
Class Preparation Assignment #1: Soul and Active Participation
Yes, because it made Americans more aware of opportunities to be physically active in
their community. Many people staying socially active promote self-reliance and nourish life
quality, especially now with everything virtual. Despite the mixed economy in the United States,
people across the world come together to support and provide social connectedness with family
and friends because active social participation is finding to create a more positive outlook on life.
However, other cultures can negate the effects of active social participation.
There are different perspectives on why democracy is the institutionalization of freedom.
The form of freedom restraints people from exploiting other citizens' dignity. In the Soul of a
Citizen, we do not have to be saints, Loeb included the details of Martin Luther King, Jr. was a
significant point, which brought about equitably treatment for African Americans. People's
participation provides meaning and a sense of belonging.
Peoples' culture defines them in society's eyes: their appearance, dress, talk, what they
eat, and so. In the Soul of a Citizen, Suzy Marks hid behind her peace sign one step at a time.
Some people have their form of cultural guarding within their community, and some are bent to
follow these cultural dictates that can be frown upon or shame the family's reputation. My level
of social activity is average. Hosting family and friends gathering, attending social events, help
with cooking, cleaning, and donations. I have gone out my way to buy a homeless couple a meal
from Carl's Jr. Restaurant.