File - Ms. Ramos

Carpenter “Parent Night”
4th grade
Ms. Ramos C23
(562) 904-3588
Attendance is linked to academic success.
Please remember that it is very important
that your child arrives on time and attends
school each day.
If your child is absent, please call the
office on the day of absence.
If all the students are here AND on time,
we get to erase a letter on the board.
Please try your best so that your child is
here on time!
Class will receive treats once all the
letters have been erased.
Class Schedule
Monday & Wednesday ( P.E. Day)
Recess 10:30-10:50
Lunch 12:15-1:05
Friday - students go home at 1:30
Computer Lab
Thursdays 2:00-3:00
Classroom Rules
Follow directions the first time given.
Sit in your assigned seat unless instructed
to do otherwise
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Speak and behave politely and courteously
to adults and other students.
Come to class prepared to learn and use
materials appropriately.
Come to Class Prepared!!
Students should have at least 5
folders in their desk.
-Language Arts
-Social Studies
-Unfinished Work
-School Work
Desk should be organized at all times.
Does your child have crayons, a ruler, scissors, a
glue stick, a dry erase marker and eraser in his or
her desk?
Positive & Negative Consequences
Increased learning
Sense of
Verbal praise
“Drawing Tickets”
Table Points
Class Parties
Miss Recess
Go to principal
Letters home
30-45 minutes should be set aside each night for homework
Reading 20 minutes daily, including the weekends.
Practice multiplication facts through 12’s with flash cards if
Any work that is not finished in class, is homework.
All students are responsible for self correcting their
homework and reviewing thereafter.
Reading Log
Reading is a crucial part of your child’s
daily homework.
Your child should be reading minimum 30
minutes daily, including holidays and the
Parents will need to verify the number of
minutes read and initial daily on the
monthly Reading Log.
Add parent signature and total minutes at
the end of the month.
Raz Kids and Common Core
You can sign up for weekly updates on
how your child is doing.
What else counts as Reading?
Tween Tribune
Time For Kids Magazine
Math Masters
The most important thing you can help your
child in math this year is to focus on
mastering all multiplication facts as quickly
as possible.
Students should be able to complete 100
facts in 5 minutes or less.
You can download practice tests from the
class website.
Practice math facts online.
The key to a successful school year is
communication from home to school.
Phone calls (562) 904-3588
Letters home, school calendar, notes, calls
Remind 101
Using your cell phone or email, you can
receive text or email reminders
*Standard messaging rates apply for all
messages received.
you can leave the subject line blank
Ms. Ramos’ Class Website
Students can check homework, special
reminders, read a book online,
review/reinforce lesson concepts, and
find educational websites.
Language Arts- Guided Reading, Shared
Reading, Interactive Read Aloud, Grammar,
Math-Multiplication, Division, Fractions,
Decimals, Geometry
Social Studies- California History
Science- Earth, Magnetism, Electricity,
Rocks and Minerals
Help Programs
RSP (Mrs. Anderson)
Speech (Mrs. Miyagishima)
ELD (Mrs. Kang)
G.A.T.E (Mrs. Cid)
4th Grade Grading Scale
93% 90% 87% 83% 80% -
100% A
92% A89% B+
86% B
82% B-
77% - 79 % C+
73% - 76% C
70% - 72% C60% - 69% D
0% - 59% F
How Did You Do?
The chart below is the grading system for Room C23
WOW! I worked hard!
GOOD! Just a few mistakes.
FAIR! I need to work harder to do my best.
WATCH-OUT! I need to pay attention in
class and ask questions.
CAN’T learn if I don’t do my work.
Tests & Projects
Students have at least one or two
quizzes/test each week.
Tests will be announced to the
students prior to the test date.
Projects will be announced along with
the due dates.
Other Activities
Student Council
Gold Rush Day
Talent Show
Special Persons Day
School Dances (once a month)
Book Orders will be a great way to enhance
your child’s/family library, and help your
child become a proud and confident reader.
Parent Conferences (Dec. 9th - Dec. 12th)
Parent Volunteers
Parents wishing to volunteer in class,
school functions, field trips, etc. must
complete a special form along with a
copy of your CA driver’s license and
be approved. Please check with the
office for more info.
Common Core
Take a Practice Test
Common Core Standards Parent Handbook
Supporting Your Child in Fourth Grade
Thank you for all your
encouragement and cooperation!
Let’s have a great year!