Transition Meeting

The Teachers working in the team are:
Miss L King: Kestrel Class
Mrs A Youdan / Mrs S Wallace: Puffin Class
Mr D White: Willet Class
Miss J Russell
The Teaching Assistants working in the team are:
Miss L Ellett
Mrs J Taylor
Mrs T Catrell
Miss J Cooper
Miss A Mastora
In the Year 3/4 department there are three classes consisting of a
Year 3 class, a Year 3/ 4 class and a Year 4 class.
EnglishThere are two Year 3 and two Year 4 ability sets.
The English groups will be organised in the following way:
Year 3 Literacy
Mrs Youdan/ Mrs Wallace
Mr White
Year 4 Literacy
Miss Russell
Miss King
Maths- Children will remain in their class.
Science- Children will remain in their class.
• Skills, knowledge and topic based curriculum
• 6 topics per year
• Subjects taught: History, Geography, Art, DT, Music,
Computing, French, PSHE and PE, to ensure a broad and
balanced curriculum.
• Themed weeks also take place throughout the year, for example,
anti-bullying week, e-safety week and health week.
Now your child is in the Juniors, to help lesson changes run
smoothly, children would benefit from having their own pencil cases,
clearly labelled with the equipment they need for their daily
lessons. This includes, pencil, ruler, rubber.
Entry and Exit points for Year 3
The children will now enter and exit the building from the door
previously used by Years 5 and 6 on the playground. This will ensure
the children have easy access to the playground where they are
dropped off and picked up each day. A teaching assistant will be
available to bring them in in the morning and a teacher will go out
with them at the end of each day to see that a parent or carer has
picked them up.
The Timetable
Timetables will be sent out individually as they vary slightly from
class to class. The school day begins at 8:55, with registration and
reading ending at 9:10 for first lesson. There is a break between
11:00 and 11:15, before lessons until lunch at 12:15. Lunch
finishes at 13:15 when the children are registered for the
afternoon, and lessons then commence until home time at 15:15.
1. The importance of homework
2. Approaches
3. Resources
4. Examples of tasks
5. Use of projects
6. Mini presentations
7. Reading challenges
8. Reading at home
9. Recommended reads.
1. What is the POWER OF
2. Reading Corners
3. Samples of texts
4. Samples of scrap books
5. Class and individual anthologies
Children in Years 3 and 4 will receive:
 1 hour PE lesson with class teacher. This will cover a range
of skills from striking and fielding activities to indoor dance
 Your children will also receive a Friday afternoon session
from Premier Sports - this opportunity will give them the
chance to experience wide range
of sports.
 Swimming.
 PE kits - shorts, T-shirts, pumps
and jogging bottoms.
Extra Curricular activities in LKS2
A variety of sporting opportunities –
relevant letters will be sent home
Chess club
Digital Leaders club
We will inform you as other
opportunities arise!
And finally…
- Parents evening in Autumn term
- Direct contact if any concerns
- School office for general enquiries
- Parentmail for relevant letters (email
Thank you all for coming this evening.
We hope that you have found it useful.
If anybody has any questions, the team
will be around to answer them.