a role model in the classroom, an exciting prospect for employers

Routes into languages
Nick Johnston, Elizabeth Andersen &
Poppy Shuttleworth
The Student Language Ambassador:
a role model in the classroom, an exciting
prospect for employers
Who are the student
- Undergraduate language students at any
one of our partner universities
- Studying a range of
- From all year groups
- Complimented by
foreign exchange
Student ambassadors at the Newcastle festival of
international culture 2012
How is the team made up?
(final year)
(2nd year)
Student Ambassadors
Student ambassadors put questions to a panel of
experts at Beat the Rat Race employability event
What do they do?
School visits
Taster sessions
Event marshalling
Event planning
Team management
Student ambassadors take to the streets of Newcastle to
promote languages with EasyJet
Why do they choose to become
- Promote languages
- Work experience
- Improve public
- Working with
- Earning money
Student ambassadors leading groupwork at
a language roadshow
Event feedback
It was great to hear
about the different
ways that languages
can help people to
stand out on university
I really enjoyed the dayexcellent opportunity for pupils
for learning outside the
classroom. The use of student
ambassadors rather than
teachers and pupils having
opportunity to speak German
were most useful. Thank you!
Alicia Hamilton, Whickham School, after a
German film day
Year 10 pupil, Longbenton,
after a school visit
It has really persuaded
me to take languages
further to GCSE, A level
and possibly university.
Year 9 pupil, St. Michael’s RC
School, after a school visit
Thank you. You have
changed my mind. I
now want to take
French in my GCSE
Year 9 pupil, Joseph Swan
School, after a school visit
“Engaging and good presentation which has
made pupils think about their options.
Getting the pupils to think about the use of a
language from an employers point of view
and the skills language learning gives you
was particularly welcome.”
Sue Beasley, Teesdale School, after a school visit
What have they achieved?
- Consistently positive
feedback from
- Excellent role models
for pupils
- Adaptable and skilled
- Passionate and
What do they get out of it?
- Gain useful life skills
- Gain experience for
applications and
Student ambassadors working in the
office to organise school visits
Student ambassadors leading a Chinese
taster session
- Build on what they
learn from their
- Improve
What happens to them after
- 95% of former SAs are
currently employed or in
further education
- Over one third are in
education sector
Student ambassadors leading groupwork
at a German & football event
- 86% used their Routes
experience when
applying for their post
- Transferable skills lead
to a wide variety of
Developing the model further
- Student Ambassador module
being introduces
- Ambassadors work for
academic credit not money
- Work with one partner
school each
- Will work alongside RiL
in first year