Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Neuromuscular Facilitation
When and Why?
PNF stretching can be used to increase
strength, flexibility, and coordination.
PNF is generally used as a rehabilitation
technique helping to bring back range of
PNF stretching is stretching that includes the muscle
being stretched, contracted, then stretched again.
For the contraction period the person being stretched
will push in the opposite direction of the stretch.
Principals for Proper Use
1. The athlete must be taught a brief
description of what is being done.
2. Use firm and simple commands:
Push, Pull, Hold, and Relax.
3. Stronger components are emphasized
to facilitate the weaker components of
a movement pattern.
Principals for Proper Use Cont.
4. Amount of resistance should facilitate a
maximal response that allows smooth
coordinated movement.
5. Pressing joints together causes
increased stability, where as traction
pulls the joint apart and facilitates
6. Giving a quick stretch causes a reflex
contraction of that muscle.
What’s Happening?
The initial movement is in the direction of the stretch
Next the athlete pushes in a direction against the stretch
The last movement is a repeat of the initial
Some More Pictures