vita evangelica

vita evangelica
The Gospel as the Franciscan
“form of life”
Francis, Testament
No one showed me how we were to live,
but the Most High himself revealed to me
that we should live according to the form
of the Holy Gospel.
vita monastica
Francis said, “Do not speak to me of the
Rule of Benedict, or the Rule of Augustine
or the Rule of Bernard, for the Lord has
called me to be a new fool in this world.”
Monastic Life
Example of Jerusalem Church, Acts 2)
 Property in common Stability of place
(movement discouraged)
 Abbot as father (abba)
 Sharp separation of sacred sphere from
secular sphere
vita apostolica
This was applied earlier to life of monks
(based on Acts of the Apostles)
 In 11th c. more identified with “clerics
regular” (Rule of St. Augustine)
 Urban community of clerics
 Property in common
 Preaching ministry
 Sacred in the midst of secular sphere
vita evangelica
Example of Jesus, Mary & disciples (esp.
in Matthew, Mark, Luke)
 Movement is encouraged (itinerancy)
 No property in common
– “sell what you have and give to the poor”
– “take nothing with you on the journey”
Sphere of the sacred is the secular
 “The whole world is our cloister” (Sac. Comm.)
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