Electric Field Quiz - Physics Playground

Electric Field Quiz
(3 points each)
1) Draw the electric field lines between two
plates that have the same charge.
2) (T/F) Electric fields become stronger as
you leave the object emitting the field.
3) (T/F) The electric field on the inside of a
sphere is zero.
4) (T/F) The distance between electric field
lines represent the fields strength.
5) Draw the electric field around a triangular
shape that has a charge.
6) Calculate the field strength at .9 m
away from the red negative
.0003C charged sphere
7) Find the force on the blue positive
.2C charge that is placed in a
20N/C electric field
8) How many excess electrons are on
the red negative sphere?
(hint: the charge of one electron is 1.6 x 10-19 C)