ICRL 2015 Guidelines for Paper Submission 1st Author (full name of


ICRL 2015 Guidelines for Paper Submission

1 st

Author (full name of the author)

1 st

author affiliation (company address, email address)

2 nd Author (full name of second author)

2 nd

author affiliation (company address, email address)

3 rd ….


The abstract length should be between 150-200 words. Abstract consists of paper background, paper aims, methodology, and paper finding, and conclusion and recommendation.


: keyword 1, keyword 2, ….(up to 5 keywords)


The abstract length should be between 150-200 words. Abstract consists of paper background, paper aims, methodology, and paper finding, and conclusion and recommendation.

Paper Format

The paper should be written in A4 paper format, with bottom-top, left-right margin of

3cm. The paper must be typed with Times New Roman font style, size 12, single space.

References and Citation

Use the “APA Reference format” for references. For more details on APA style please visit http://www.apastyle.org/ .

Tables and Figures

Table and figure position is centered. Table uses 3 horizontal lines, table and graphic is in MS Words/Excels format. Table and figure title position is on the top of the table.


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