3. Packaging

• Packaging is done at every level of marketing
– Raw Materials
• i.e. Potatoes to McD’s
– Manufacturers
• Cardboard boxes/shrink wrap
– Retailers
• Bags, Boxes, etc.
• Packaging is vital to a business for a variety of
• The main purpose for packaging is to keep the
product in together
– Liquids are packaged in bottles/cans/jars
– Shrink wrap is used to keep multiple items
together in one
• Ensures that products are easier
to movie, ship and display
• The company may went to think about the
little things that will help the consumer
use/move the product
• Packaging is there to ensure that products are
not damaged while being moved
– i.e. Little foam peanuts,
bubble wrap
• Other packaging may be
in place to protect the
product from the natural
– Sun, Dirt, Insects, moisture
• The packaging may be to keep the products
secure from theft
– Security Chips, damage from vandels
• May prevent the product falling into the
wrong hands
– Child lids
• The law requires a variety of things be
included on the labels of the packaging
– Food
• Ingredient lists for food
• Nutritional Information
– Name and address of the
company (phone #)
– French/English
– Hazardous Information
• For the consumer
– Pricing Information
– Cooking Instructions
– Storage Info
– Coupons
• For the retailer
– Item specifics for inventory
– Bar codes for scanning
– Marketing space (ads, promotions)
Brand Identification
• The package is the silent salesperson
– Sitting on the shelf yelling “BUY ME”
• Supermarkets, drug stores & Convenience
stores will have thousands of packaged
– The hard part is to get people to notice your
– Employees spend hours “facing” products
Brand Identification
Brand Identification
• Where brand names are crucial to the
– The packaging will include the companies name in
a very prominent way
Brand Identification
• Marketers may create packaging that is so
distinct that other companies may not use any
similar packaging
– Protected by a patent
Brand Identification
• One of the newest tricks that marketers use is
“copy cat” packaging
• Lesser known brands are able to use
packaging that their competitors have made
• The product might be part of a
promotional campaign by the
– How many different products were
associated with the Olympics?
• Marketers and packaging experts follow
trends in the market place
– Green Trend
• For each of the five purposes of packaging
(consolidation, protection, information, brand
recognition, promotion)
• Find two examples from Google images of a
products package that has been made for
each specific purpose
– Do not use products used as examples
• Complete the assignment in Word