Let`s Review Japanese Feudalism!

Let’s Review Japanese
In this lesson, students will be able to
define critical terms associated with Japan’s
Feudal Period. Students will be able to
define the following terms:
Code of Bushido
E. Napp
samurai or
warrior is
by many. During
Japan’s feudal
Period, a
fixed social
system existed.
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A Fixed Social Class System
• In a fixed social class system, a person’s
class is determined by birth.
• Like the caste system in India, Japan’s
feudal hierarchy was a fixed social class
• A man was born a daimyo or a peasant.
E. Napp
What similarities existed in the caste system
and the feudal hierarchy of Japan?
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• Feudalism is a political and military
• In a feudal society, land is exchanged for
military service.
• Lords give land to vassals in exchange for
military service and loyalty.
E. Napp
In a feudal society, land is the basis
of power.
E. Napp
The Shogun was the supreme
leader of feudal Japan.
E. Napp
The Shogun
• The Shogun was the most powerful lord of
• He was a military dictator.
• Though the emperor still retained his title,
the Shogun was the actual ruler of Japan
during the feudal period.
E. Napp
The Daimyo
were lords
in feudal
Japan. They
owned land
and had to obey
the Shogun.
E. Napp
• Daimyo were landowners in feudal Japan.
• Daimyo had to provide military service to
the Shogun.
• A Daimyo had to obey, serve, and be loyal
to the Shogun.
E. Napp
Samurai were Japanese warriors.
They had to serve the Daimyo and
Shogun and follow the Code of Bushido.
E. Napp
Code of Bushido
• The Samurai had to obey the Code of
• The Code of Bushido was a set of rules. It
was similar to the European code of
• A samurai had to be loyal, brave, and
show no emotion.
E. Napp
A samurai
had to commit
suicide or seppuku
if he lost his
E. Napp
Questions for Reflection:
• Define feudalism.
• Compare and contrast Japanese
feudalism and European feudalism.
• Make a diagram of Japan’s feudal
hierarchy and define each class.
• Why was feudal Japan a fixed social class
• Compare and contrast European chivalry
and the Japanese Code of Bushido.
E. Napp