Impact of Tokugawa Rule 1600 to 1868

Impact of Tokugawa Rule
Major impacts
National identity
Development of
trade and agriculture
Development of the
arts and crafts
How did the major impacts change the
socio economic situation?
• Stability of social structure
• Samurai no longer warriors. Served the
Daimyo or Shogun as advisors
• Many Samurai took up teaching
• Isolation contributed to a sense of nationalism
and developed a strong national identity
• This in turn had an impact on the arts and
Further changes
• Impact on agriculture, more lands opened up
for agriculture
• Development of cities and towns along the
route to Edo
• Banking system, reform of currency
• Rise and development of a mercantile class
• Gradual impoverishment of the Samurai
How complete was the isolation?
• While Japan was closed off, there was limited
contact with the West through trade at
• Dutch trade gave the Japanese limited contact
and access to western knowledge
• Gave the Japanese information about what
was happening in China and elsewhere. This
made the Shogun even more unwilling to end