New Era Interactive English( unit 1)ppt

New Era Interactive English
Unit 1 The First Day
Wang Naihuan
BTVU Chaoyang Branch
Main Topic
Introduce yourself 自我介绍
Learning Objective
 Describe someone personalities
 描述某人性格
 Describe someone’s feeling
 描述某人感觉
Main Vocabulary on video
nervous 紧张
 Embarrassed vt.使困窘, 使局促不安
 Professor 教授
 Instructor: a teacher 教师
 assertive 独断的
Aggressive 有进取心的
Conscientious 有良心 地,诚实地
Diligent 用功的,
Outspoken 直率的,不客气的
Patient 耐心的
Impatient 没耐心的
quick-tempered性急的, 易怒的
Calm 安静
Pessimistic 悲观的
Words Formation (构词法)
dis : appear disappear
dishonest dislike
un- unluckily unusual unhappy
im- impossible impolite
in- incorrect inaccurate
ir- irregular
il- illegal
Part B
Look forward to doing
Eg.I am looking forward to hearing from
 In general: generally; as a rule
 Fit in with: be in harmony with
Part C: Pair work
Task 1 : Register for a class
Imagine it’s the first day of class. Talk to
another students, using the
conversation below as a model. page 5
Task 2 Group work page 5
Part C: Pair work: Hi! Is this English?
Culture note:
on the first day of class, many students
ask this question “Is this English with
Language points: contractions with the
verb be (be动词的缩写);
sentence stress/intonation句子重音/语
Part C: Group work
Task 2 : Introducing yourself (page 5)
1. Giving your name
2. Where are you from
3. Where do you work
4. Introducing your family
5. Talking about hobbies/things you like
Pair work: Registering for a class选课登记
1. Language point: talking about time
2. Procedure
a. Create pairs
b. Students look through the notes
c. Model the dialog for the class
d. Students sit back to back to create the feeling
of a phone call, taking notes what they hear
e. Have students change roles
f. Have one or two pairs act out the dialog in
front of the class
Sample Dialogue
A: Hello, Student Registration
B: Hi. I want to register for a class
A: Sure, what’s your name and student ID number?
B: My name is Mary White. My student ID is
141 71 3062
A: what class do you want to register for ?
B: English Reading.
A: Ok, that class is still open. It meets from 10 to
11:40 on Tuesday
B: Great.
A: Ok, you’re registered. The class starts next
Tuesday. Any other classes?
B: No, thanks!
Part C: Group work
Task 3 : Getting to know each other
 Exchange some personal information
 互相交换个人信息
 such as :Name,age/ date of birth,
hometown,department, major,
school name, telephone number,