How to Create a Mini

How to
a Magic
Start with a 12x17 sheet of colored
construction paper and two pieces of 4 ¼ x12
lighter-colored construction paper
Fold in half to 8 ½ x 12.
Fold again to 4 ¼ x 12.
Open to show fold on right side.
Cut from fold to middle crease.
Repeat cutting from fold to middle
crease just a little over an inch apart.
Keep cutting all the way to the
bottom of the fold.
Open the sheet of paper to show the
cuts in the middle two sections.
Weave one of the lighter colored pieces
through the left middle section.
Weave the second lighter colored piece through
the right middle, starting with the alternate slit.
Push outer sides together to middle.
Very carefully, pry apart the middle folded
section to show two “new” pages.
Open up the middle section and
press outward.
Close the mini-booklet and
illustrate the “front cover.”
Page One, for vocabulary in the TL.
Page 2 for the translations.
Page 3 for another TL word.
Page 4 for the second translation.
The right section is the inside of the back cover.
The student writes name on and
decorates the back cover.
8 x 11 ½ size paper works also.
Created by Flo Martin
Photographed by Joe Saint-Clair