The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method
By Adam Morton
Objective: Students will demonstrate the steps of the scientific Method ad interpret data
Yard Stick
Data Sheet
Paper Airplane directions.
Copy paper
Construction paper
Content: SC-04-1.2.1
Students will interpret or represent data related to an object’s straight-line motion in order
to make inferences and predictions of changes in position and/or time.
Procedure Open by explaining the steps of the scientific method.
1. Observe
2. Hypothesize
3. Experiment-Talk about how it has to be performed more than once
4. Conclude.
Talk about what each of these vocabulary words mean. Have students write down meaning
as you lead them in a class discussion. Once the discussion is finished, introduce the experiment
Talk about how you like paper airplanes, but can’t decide what type of paper to use, copy or
construction. Tell the students you need their help. Give each student a data Sheet, and airplane
direction. Have the students make a hypothesis as to which type of paper will make the best
airplane. Divide class into two groups. Give one group construction paper and the other copy
paper, Have students make airplanes. Let students help each other as you help them too.
Conduct the experiment by having students fly the airplanes one person at a time. Teacher
should measure each flight. Students will record each distance. Teacher can also record them
using a document camera. When both groups have finished, add the results to see which type of
paper worked better.
Conclude by asking, “What was our observation?” “What was the hypothesis?” See if
students can name the steps to the Scientific Method.
Data Sheet
Copy Paper
Total for copy paper_________________
Total for Construction paper______________
Construction Paper
Airplane instructions
Step 1.
Use a sheet of 81/2-by-11 inch
paper. Fold the paper in half
lengthwise and run thumbnail along
the fold to crease it sharply. Now,
unfold the paper.
Step 2
Fold down the top corners as
indicated by the arrows.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Fold the two edges toward the
center line, as indicated.
Step 4.
Make a valley fold in half.
Turn the plane 90 degrees as shown
in figure of Step 5.
Step 4
Step 3
Step 5
Create a wing crease that begins at
the nose as shown.
Step 5
Step 6
Step 6.
Form 3-dimensional shape as shown
in figure. The