Team 4001 FRC -

Common Rookie Blunders
Kelvin Lin
Team 4001 Programmer
Yoan Holder
Team 4001 Electrician
1. The Basics
Program Installation
Router Setup
Driver Station Setup
cRIO Setup
2. Common LabVIEW Blunders
I. Your first LabVIEW Program
II. LabVIEW Real-Time Simulation
III. Building and Deploying Your Code
3. Q&A
4. Contact us
Part 1: Getting Started
Installing the
Required Programmes
1. Install LabVIEW from the installer CD
The serial number for 2012-2013 is S14X86759
2. Install the Utilities update
3. Install the Driver Station
4. Install the FRC Bridge Configuration Utility
Installing LabVIEW from the
After Installing the Updates
Setting up the Router
1. Ensure that the router is set to 2.4Ghz AP
(Access Point)
2. Configure your wireless bridge for team use
either by an Ethernet cord or a crossover
3. Set the IP address to your corresponding
team #.
Setting up the DS
Setting Up the cRIO
1. Remember to “flash” it using FRC 2013
Imaging Tool
2. Use a crossover cable when flashing your
cRIO (flashing will not work with a Ethernet
Part 2: Common LabVIEW
Creating Your First
LabVIEW Project
1. Remember to input your cRIO IP Address
It is 10.xx.yy.2
2. Select the radio box that best describes the
drive configuration of your robot.
Using the LabVIew Simulator
1. Go to Robot
2. Right click
ProjectName.lvproj/RT CompactRIO Target
3. Select ProjectName.lvproj/Rt My Computer
4. Click Run
Deploying LabView Code
1. Expand Build Specifications
2. Right Click on FRC Robot Boot-up
3. Click Build
4. Repeat step 2. Then, click Deploy.
5. Repeat step 2. Then, click Run As Startup.
Quick Little Blunders
Refrain from using variables where possible.
Give your sensors meaningful names.
Ctrl + H brings up the help menu.
The use of logic is ESSENTIAL in LabVIEW.
Loops with timers are useful for timed tasks in
autonomous mode.
Contact Us
Kelvin Lin: [email protected]
Yoan Holder: [email protected]
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