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South Norfolk Patient
Involvement Event
April 30th 2014, Wymondham
Susan Ringwood – Lay Member for Patient and Public
Involvement, NHS South Norfolk CCG Governing Body
“The NHS belongs to the people. It is there to
improve our health and wellbeing,
supporting us to keep mentally and
physically well, to get better when we are ill,
and when we cannot fully recover, to stay as
well as we can to the end of our lives.”
The NHS Constitution
Patients have the right
• To access care when and where they need it
• To be involved in the decisions on the care they
receive at every stage – “No decision about me
without me”
• To receive the highest quality of care
• To have the voice of patients and carers at the heart
of how health care services operate
The public has an important role too
• To hold the NHS accountable to the service it
• To be involved in decisions about how local health
and social care services operate
• To provide feedback and opinion on the service you
NHS South Norfolk Clinical Commissioning
• Clinically-led NHS commissioning organisation
• Covering 26 Member Practices in South Norfolk
• Responsible for a population of 220,000 people
• Accountable to NHS England and local patients
What is commissioning?
• The budgeting, designing and purchasing of
• Within NHS context – the commissioning of
health and social care services that support the
work being done by local GPs
• Services like Urgent & Emergency Care,
Community Nursing, Reablement Services –
and many more
How is the CCG run?
• The CCG is a Membership organisation
• Each Practice sends representatives to a Council
of Members which holds South Norfolk CCG
• SNCCG led by Governing Body
• Governing Body consists of GPs / Practice
Managers from across South Norfolk
• Two Lay Members – Patient and Public
Involvement / Governance
Commitment to Involvement
• Patients and the public are involved at the start and
throughout all commissioning
• Information is accessible to the public to explain
decisions and encourage involvement
• ‘Patients as experts’ – individuals involved in shaping
how services could work more effectively
• The voice of Practices – listening and responding to
the needs of South Norfolk
Patient & Public Involvement – Examples
IAPT (Mental Wellbeing) Service
• Public consultation across Norfolk
• Local Practices / PPGs asked to respond
Diabetes Pathway
• Involve local people to review and design support
services for people diagnosed with diabetes
• Creation of communication materials and tone of
Patient Participation Groups
A partnership of patients, GPs and Practice
Staff to ensure high quality, local care at your
Patient Participation Groups
• PPGs, PRGs and PLGs!
• PPGs as a partnership within Primary Care
• Real / Virtual PPGs – both have important roles
• Representation across a patient population
• A key role in supporting Patient Surveys, CQC
inspections, Flu Clinic days, health promotion
You told us…
• PPGs should be in closer contact and communication
• We have a wealth of experience to share
• Health and social care is going through change – we
want to be a part of that
• There are skills we would like to develop
• We should explore ways of working collectively
Today’s Event:
• Meet PPG members from across South Norfolk
• Discuss and exchange ideas around what PPGs are
doing, and what we can learn from each other
• Understand the ‘Friends and Family’ Test and what it
means for Practices
• Agree next steps and actions
NHS South Norfolk CCG’s vision:
• PPGs are in closer communication
• Given opportunities to develop / provide support
• Actively engaged and involved in the progress of
South Norfolk CCG
• ‘South Norfolk Patient Forum’ – steered by PPGs
Thank you.
Contact me:
Susan Ringwood
NHS South Norfolk CCG Governing Body – Lay Member
for Patient and Public Involvement