*Design of parachute*
1. Title
2. Content
3. Materials used
4. Design
5. Application of physics principles
6. Results of experiment
7. Improvement
8. Conclusion and discussion
• 1. Plastic rubbish bag
2. Sponge
• The plastic bag is the
major material for
making the parachute
and it can increase the
air resistance.
• The egg is put into the
sponge ball and it can
protect the egg.
• By F = ma,
• The plastic bag can increase air resistance so that
the net downward force acting on the parachute
decreases. Since F decreases, the acceleration also
decreases. So the parachute lands more slowly
onto the ground. Its landing velocity is greatly
decreased when it lands on the ground. The kinetic
energy also decreases so that it is safer for the egg
to land and it will not break easily.
• We threw the parachute we designed from
4th floor in our school building to the
• It took 10.72 s to fall to the ground.
• And the egg did not break. The design of
sponge was very successful to protect the
egg but more should be done to lower the
• We should increase the surface area of the
plastic bag so as to increase air resistance.
The parachute can then move down slowly.
• We should reduce the weight of the
• We should throw the parachute down in a
good way.
• A parachute should be made from thin, lightweight
fabric, support tapes and suspension lines.
• A parachute can effectively make things land
safely. In this case, the egg had not broken.
• The surface of the parachute is very important to
make it land slowly.
• The weight of the parachute should not be too
• Lau Ka Ki 4C (26)
• In physics lesson, we need to make a parachute. We used plastic bag and
sponge to make it. Sponge was used to protect the egg. When we tried to
throw the parachute, the classmates were very excited. It took about ten
seconds for the parachute to fall down. I think this result is quite good.
• Wong Chu San 4C (37)
• The project was very suceessful. All my classmates worked hard.But we
have failed many times in the trials. It was lucky that our egg did not
break in the test. This project makes me know more about physics. I hope
that we may have other project in the future. I will be more active in the
next project if we really have one.
• Chan Wai Kit 4C (19)
• In this physics project, I learned a lot about parachute. My major job is
to make the powerpoint so I learned more about the parachute in
searching for information. I think this is very useful for my life.
Although the parachute is not designed very well, I feel happy in this
project. Because I can do all we can with my group members and have
our friendship strengthened.
• Law Kwok Wai 4C (28)
• At first, the parachute we made was a failure, so I felt very unhappy.
But on the second time ,we were successful. I think making parachute
is so difficult as it is necessary to protect the egg. But after we had
made some improvement, we succeeded.
• It is still not very good but I like what we have done.
• Wong Siu Yau 4C (39)
• At the beginning of this project, I have asked the F.5 students how to
do it well so I think we can finish it easily. But their suggestions were
not very useful so we tried it ourselves. Although it is difficult, we can
still finish it in time. I feel very happy. And friendship of our group
members are strengthened.
1. Chan Wai Kit (19)
2. Lau Ka Ki (26)
3. Law Kwok Wai
4. Wong Chu San (37)
5. Wong Siu Yau