Silly hat time!! - ClickSpecialEdNZ

You will need:
Party invitations for all students
Silly party hats for all students and mirror
Parcel with a few layers of different textured wrapping and bubbles as the prize
Small cake with a candle and matches or lighter
Balloons and parachute
Goodie bags for all students
N.B. Where there is an
icon on the page you will need to insert your own music.
To do this in PowerPoint:
Go to Insert. Click on the Sound icon. ...... Choose sound from file. Look for the track you
want to insert. Click on the track and click OK. An icon
like this will appear on the page.
Click on the icon to start and stop the music. Remember to SAVE changes to your file!
Give out party invitations to all students.
Give out bungee
Give each student a silly hat,
give them the opportunity to look at themselves in the mirror
It is time for pass the parcel, each time the music stops, take off a layer of wrapping till there
is a surprise for 1 student.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear _____
Happy Birthday to you
Ra Whanau Koa
Ra Whanau Koa
Ki a koe e ____
Ra Whanau Koa
Sing both versions and bring out cake with candle for 1 student to blow out.
Use balloons and parachute for more party fun
Parachute Time
The party is finished and it is time to go.
Give out goodie bags to signify end of party
Put on goodbye music for class – hello, goodbye – The Beatles, Homeward Bound – Simon &
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