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Challenges in e-Agriculture
Way Forward
Kashfia Ahmed PhD
WIN Incorporate
WIN Incorporate: Who we are & What we do
WIN Incorporate is an initiative to develop, design and serve
information and advisory services for rural community
specially for the farmers through different ICT channels to
improve their production and livelihood.
What Do We do ?
• Serve all communities of rural area
• Disseminate information for farmers
• Offer timely advise and information on agriculture to farmers
• Complement to the existing govt. services ( Mainly extension & others)
• Develop marketing channel and network for farmers and input suppliers
Why ICT based Agricultural Content?
Content Sources
Help to establish ICT
based mediums that
serves as a rich
information channel
for the farmer and
society as a whole so as
to induce more
information exchange.
ICT Based Channels
(Telecenters/Call Center)
Government ministries, Research Institutes, NGOs, Global companies
Advantage of ICT Based
Agricultural Content:
• Demand/need based
• Prompt delivery
• Can reach more farmer
• Cost effective and time
Experience of ICT based content development
Our Website
Journey begins since 2005:
Preparing online and offline content for
RIC (Rural Information Center) and GP CIC
(GrameenPhone Community Information
Center) since 2005.
Telecenter/ Information
Group, Farmers,
Journey with mobiles
In 2008 we moved to develop Agro
contents for mobile-based call-center
under short-code. Presently 4 mobile
phone companies – Grameenphone,
Robi Axiata – Airtel and Banglalink are
our partners for mobile based agro
content dissemination.
Call Center with a
short code “27676”
Under supervision and initiatives from WIN Incorporate this mobile
based agro service won:
– “Manthan South Asia Award 2009” in “e-Enterprise and
Livelihood” category.
– 2010 National e-Content and ICT for Development Award:
Chairmans’ Appreciation Award
– mBillionth Award South Asia 2010: Nominated as the in “mBusiness & Commerce” category.
These recognitions shows the service is worth enough
to spread among the mass people,
more effectively, more widely. At the same time it also proves
that our content is unique and satisfactory .
Way Forward for making it better
Introduce proper awareness building campaign
PPP for common content repository
Endorsement of Quality control body
Effective promotional activities through TV,
Newspaper (local and national)
• Yearly seminar/workshop on the service
• Periodic evaluation between the involved parties