Getting Started in Macroeconomics

Getting Started in
AP Economics
Sally Meek
Plano West Senior
[email protected]
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Day 1 in
“The purpose of studying economics is not
to acquire a set of ready made answers to
economics questions, but to learn how to
avoid being deceived by economists.”
Joan Robinson,
Collected Economics papers
Why do we teach
this course?
“It is obvious from the study that the
academic intensity and quality of one’s
high school curriculum (not test scores,
and certainly not class rank or grade
point average) counts most in
preparation for bachelor’s degree
Answers in the Toolbox
by Clifford Edelman
Answers in the Toolbox
“The impact of a high school curriculum of
high academic intensity and quality on
degree completion is far more
pronounced—and positively—for AfricanAmerican and Latino students than any
other pre-college indicator of academic
What do we teach?
economic principles
◦ outline in College Board’s course description
economic models
How is it tested?
the test is approximately 2
hours of testing time
60 multiple choice questions
(70 minutes)
3 free-response questions
(60 minutes, 10 minutes for
reading, 50 minutes for
1 long and 2 short
questions, students
answer all three
multiple choice = 2/3 of grade, free response = 1/3 of
scores of 1 through 5, need at least 3 to qualify, some
schools require 4 or 5
Multiple Choice
Based on percentages noted in course
description content areas
5 answer options to each question
Intent of question
generally is
included in stem
1 pt for each
correct answer
Multiple Choice TIPS
for Students
Answer the question that was asked
Select best answer
Skip questions that are completely unfamiliar
Answer easy questions first
Intent of question will probably be included in stem,
therefore, try to formulate an answer before reading
answer choices
Free Response Questions
• 10 minutes for reading
• 50 minutes for answering
•spend half on question 1,
half on 2 and 3
•emphasize line of reasoning
generally not enough to list
•correctly labeled diagrams, if useful
or required
FRQ Tip for Students
Focus on verbs in questions (these tell you
where the points are)
Answer questions in the order asked
 Models can provide or enhance
an explanation (need to be correctly labeled)
 Answers need to be consistent (outline format
for answers is acceptable)
Recognize economic vocabulary, (capital flow,
capital stock, financial assets)
Necessary Materials
•College level text and ancillaries
(instructor’s resource manual, computer test bank)
•Advanced Placement Economics Package
from CEE (or Virtual Economics CDROM)
Semester Plan
Plan for semester based on course description
and don’t vary from your plan!
Grading Policies
(one way to do this)
Multiple Choice Tests
2 per six weeks
Timed Writing Quizzes
3 or 4 per six weeks
Homework grades - pop quizzes
and test corrections
Building Success
Test corrections to improve grade
Take home
What is the role of the
When I
When I involve students….
Resources for
Support for Teachers
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