National Strategies for
Financial Education: Japan
March 4, 2013
Ryoko Okazaki, Bank of Japan, and
the Central Council for Financial Services Information
(1) National Strategies for
Financial Education(Japan)
“Agenda for Finance and Economics Education”
-- launched in June 2005 by the J-FSA
“Financial Education Program”
-- launched in February 2007 by the Central
Council for Financial Services Information
(2) Development of NS for FE in Japan
“Agenda for Finance and Economics Education”
i) J-FSA organized the Study Group on Finance
and Economics Education.
ii) did research on foreign practices and held
meetings in 2004 - 2005.
iii) Minister for Financial Services published the
iv) J-FSA published educational materials and
teachers’ guides and organized symposiums.
(2) Development of NS for FE in Japan
“Financial Education Program (2007)”
i) CCFSI organized the Committee, the Advisory
Group, and the Subcommittees for the Program.
ii) held meetings in 2006.
iii) Committee members developed guidelines for
iv) Subcommittee members wrote best teaching
plans of financial education in major subjects in
each school levels.
(2) Development of NS for FE in Japan
“Financial Education Program (2007)”
v) CCFSI developed the “Contents of Financial
Education by Age Groups.”
vi) CCFSI surveyed educational materials and
seminars for teachers by public and private
vii) Members of the Advisory Group, the Committee
and the Subcommittee commented on the draft of
the Program.
(2) Development of NS for FE in Japan
“Financial Education Program (2007)”
vii) CCFSI published and disseminated the
Program to all schools and educational
committees in Japan.
viii) CCFSI published teachers’ guidebook and
educational materials and holding seminars for
teachers every year.
ix) CCFSI developed website contents for children
and their parents based on the Program.
(3) Background of National Strategies
“Guidelines for the Promotion of Consumer
Education on Finance: 2002”
-- based on survey on the Financial Education
Programs in the U. S. and in the U. K.
-- also based on the “Consumer Survey on
Finance (2001)” by CCFSI.
-- set the priorities for the promotion of financial
education and developed the “Curricula for
Improving Understanding of Finance.”
(4) Overall Assessments
--- Surveys on Financial Literacy, etc.
・”Consumer Survey on Finance (2001, 2003, 2008)”
・”Survey on Life and Money for Children (2005,
・”Financial Literacy Survey (2011)“
・Overall assessment of the activities of the CCFSI at
its general meetings.
・Exchange of information at the “Forum for
Consumer Education on Finance”.
(5) Recent Developments relating to
Financial Education in Japan
・Contents of the New National Curriculum for School
Education were enriched on money, economy,
and finance.
・The Promotion of Consumer Education Law came
into effect in December 2012.
・J-FSA organized a new Study Group on Finance
and Economics Education in December 2012.
・CCFSI would develop new materials for the elderly
people based on the result of the Financial
Literacy Survey.
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