Year 2 Reading

Year 2 Reading
How to keep making progress
Word Recognition
Good language
poor word
Good word
good language
Good word
poor language
Poor word
poor language
Language comprehension
National Curriculum levels at end
of KS1
Level 1 ( 1c 1b 1a )
Level 2c
Level 2b- National average at end of year 2
Level 2a
Level 3 ( 20-30% of our children)
Good word recognition AF1
Picture clues
sh ch ng oi igh
Keyword recognition Whole sentence
Ted was swimming in
the pool.
Children are graded using 7 AFs
AF1- decode and read for meaning- good word recognition
AF2-finding information
AF3- read between the lines. I think this character is sad because…
AF4 –structure- How is the text organised and why? ( non fiction is
good for this one)
• AF5 Language- interesting word choices can they talk about
adjectives… big, old,tired.
• AF6 Purpose- What is the purpose of the text- to inform, to entertain
to scare….
• AF7 The text and the world – how does the book fit into the wider
world- stories from other countries, stories from other cultures and
stories from and about the past.
How will my child’s reading be developed?
In school
• Continue the teaching of phonics through the phases 2- 6
• Tricky word recognition- word of the week
• Daily shared reading of a class text in Literacy ( all AF s taught over a
• Weekly guided reading session in a small group with an unseen text
• ( all AF s taught in detail)
• Follow up work and return to text time.
• Home reader read to an adult once a week and time to question and talk
about book on a one to one
• Time to read independently and share books/ magazines in the book
• Word games and puzzles played
How will my child’s reading be developed ?
At home
• Listening to my child read their home reader and asking them questions
about what they have read and talking about the book.
• Reading stories to my child that they could not read to themselves but
will enjoy listening to( Most Y2 children love Harry Potter but very few
could read it independently) Share the books you loved with them!
• Reading REAL books – join the library. Barton has a fabulous library
with really helpful staff.
• Make reading part of every day life- it’s not just about reading the
scheme books from school. They will learn just as much by reading
their favourite magazines, their match attax collection, the menu in the
restaurant or take away or even the TV guide.
And Finally….
Here’s your chance to check things out.
Guided reading
Home readers
Formal SAT’s test- level 1books
level 2 books/texts and written tests
level 3 texts and written tests.
Please come and ask today, or at any point over
this year if you need to know anything.
Thank you