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Filing Status
Deductions &
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Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from H1
There are this many different filing
$100 Answer from H1
What is: 5
$200 Question from H1
This Filing Status is out of scope for VITA
$200 Answer from H1
What is: Married Filing Separately
$300 Question from H1
A qualifying person for Head of
Household must be related to the
Taxpayer in one of these two ways
$300 Answer from H1
What is: Blood or Marriage
$400 Question from H1
List the filing statuses from most
beneficial to least beneficial
$400 Answer from H1
•Married Filing Joint
•Qualifying Widow w/Dependent
•Head of Household
•Married Filing Separately
$500 Question from H1
Name one tax calculation
affected by Filing Status
$500 Answer from H1
•Calculation of income tax
•Standard deduction
•Eligibility for certain
$100 Question from H2
If a dependent is not a US citizen
or resident, they must live in one
of these two foreign countries
$100 Answer from H2
What is: Mexico or Canada
$200 Question from H2
Name the two types of dependents
$200 Answer from H2
•Qualifying Child
•Qualifying Relative
$300 Question from H2
This relative is not included in
the list of relatives who may
be claimed as a dependent
even if they don’t live with the
$300 Answer from H2
What is: Cousins
$400 Question from H2
The difference in residency
requirements between the
two types of Dependents
$400 Answer from H2
•Qualifying child must live with TP
for more than half the year
•Qualifying relative must live with
TP all year as member of household
(if not covered under “relatives who do not have to live with
you” 4012 Table 2 pg C-5)
$500 Question from H2
Name one tax benefit that is
linked to the dependency
$500 Answer from H2
•Head of Household
•Child Tax Credit
•Earned Income Tax Credit
•Child and Dependent Care Credit
$100 Question from H3
This type of taxable income is
reported on a W-2
$100 Answer from H3
What is: Wages
$200 Question from H3
If this is a taxpayer’s only
income, it is not taxable
$200 Answer from H3
•Social Security benefits
•Public Assistance (TANF, welfare)
•Veteran’s Benefits
•Other- see 4012 Table B pg D-1
$300 Question from H3
Gambling winnings are reported
as this type of income, on this
line of the 1040
$300 Answer from H3
What is: Other Income, line 21
$400 Question from H3
This “cheat sheet” in the 4012 can help a
preparer figure out where to input income
on TaxWise
$400 Answer from H3
What is: Pub. 4012, Yellow Tab 2, page 2-1
$500 Question from H3
Taxpayers who are paid in cash or
receive Form 1099-MISC for nonemployee compensation are
usually required to file this tax
$500 Answer from H3
What is: Schedule C/EZ, Net Profit from
$100 Question from H4
For most people, the standard deduction
is based on this
$100 Answer from H4
What is: Filing Status
Age and/or Blindness may
increase Standard Deduction
$200 Question from H4
This credit is automatic for a
dependent child under 17 who
lived with the taxpayer more than
half the year
$200 Answer from H4
What is: Child Tax Credit
$300 Question from H4
This is the best clue that a
taxpayer may benefit from
itemizing their deductions
$300 Answer from H4
Taxpayer owns a home and
paid mortgage interest
$400 Question from H4
To claim the EITC, taxpayers and
all qualifying children must have
one of these
$400 Answer from H4
What is: Valid Social Security
$500 Question from H4
Explain the difference between a tax
deduction and a tax credit
$500 Answer from H4
•Deductions decrease taxpayer’s
AGI and reduce amount of income
that is taxed
•Credits decrease the amount of tax
that is paid and can be refundable
$100 Question from H5
Main reference materials used
by VITA tax preparers to
determine and apply the tax law
$100 Answer from H5
• Pub. 4012, Volunteer Resource Guide
• Pub. 17, Tax Guide for Individuals
$200 Question from H5
This form must be completed by
the taxpayer and reviewed by
the VITA tax preparer for each
tax return prepared at the site
$200 Answer from H5
What is:
Form 13614-C, Intake and Interview
$300 Question from H5
After starting a new return in
TaxWise, this is the first input screen
$300 Answer from H5
What is: The Main Information sheet
$400 Question from H5
A taxpayer must provide this information in order
to receive their refund through Direct Deposit
$400 Answer from H5
•Routing Transit Number
•Bank Account Number
Suggested that Taxpayer bring actual check with them
to ensure correct Routing and Account numbers
$500 Question from H5
VITA volunteers who help Quality
Review returns must be certified to
this Tax Law certification level
$500 Answer from H5
What is: Intermediate
Final Jeopardy
According to a quote by Supreme
Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
Jr., “taxes are what we pay for…”
Final Jeopardy Answer
“Civilized society”
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