Managing R7 and R9 Environment with PowerLink 10-21

Managing a MAPICS R7/R9
PowerLink Environment
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1. Network distribution - Streamline the
installation and update of Powerlink users
2. Security - Effective management of public and
private user definitions
3. Link Manager - Managing clients is easier with
the new features and information available:
– Apply Fixes
– Visibility of client status and connection
– Diagnose and resolve issues with enhanced logging
4. Improve Performance - for XA Power Link and
Integrator applications using XA diagnostics
tools and iSeries Navigator functionality
5. Improve performance of remote clients - with
the installation of auxiliary machines
6. Migration Considerations
– Upgrade Assistant - Determine impact of XA
updates to your custom code using
Network distribution
• Remote Locations
• Predefine values used for installation
Host machine
Install location
Shortcut folder
User interaction with installation
• Offline Installer
– Network
– CD
Network distribution
to the
Select to Set up Power Link for Network Distribution
Network Distribution
Network Distribution
Creates install image that can be burned
to CD or moved to a shared drive on your
Client Security
• Identify Power Users
– Public Views/Subsets
• Normal Users
– Private Views/Subsets
• Copy User Definitions
• Maintainable via HPS at Release 9
Client security
– Release 9
– Create temporary user definitions for their own use
• Cards, card files, presentation schemes, subsets, sorts,
templates, views, workbenches and workspaces
– Exists only during the current session
– Available only to that user
Client Security
• Lock the function
• Create User Group
– Public Views/Subsets
• Add Users to Groups
Applying Updates
• Environments can be at different levels
• Immediate or staged
• View Fix details
– Enhancements
– Incidents
• Fix Servers
Applying Updates
• Immediate
– Download at
• Staged
– Updates in
Client Visibility
User Profiles
User Logins
Link Manager – Logging
Link Manager – Logging
Link Manager – Logging
XA Logging – Power Link
Resolve Power Link issues
XA Logging – Power Link
• New business objects
XA Logging – Power Link
Task Logging
Performance Tuning
XA Diagnostics
Performance Tuning
SQL Monitors
Auxiliary Machines
• Supplementary processing and load balancing
– Manual or Automatic
• Fix Servers
– Reduces Bandwidth for remote users
• Each remote user downloads fix files from iSeries
• Same files go over the network many times
– The user will be connected to the best fix server
when logging in
Auxiliary Machines
•Fix Server
•HPS Server
Net Link and
System Link
Auxiliary Machines
•Speed indicator on status bar shows connection speed
•Right click the speed indicator to select an alternate fix server
R7.8/R9 Migration
• Migration effort is the same
– Auxiliary machine is required for IDF level 1
• Database from Release 7 to Release 9
– Field Changes are minimal
• Expanded Account number and quantity fields in some
IFM files
– Field Deletions are minimal
• Audit stamp and menu information
R7.8/R9 Migration
• Database from Release 7 to Release 9 cont.
– Access Path Changes
• IFM and COM Files
– File Deletions
• IFM Menu Information
– File Format Changes
• IFM and COM
Custom code, reports, queries…
• Upgrade Assistant
– Helps manage integration effort
– File changes
• Add/Change/Delete fields
• Access Paths
– Files no longer used
– Hard Coding
Upgrade Analysis
Powerlink Quickstart
for IT Professionals
•On Site services combine education and
implementation assistance
•Learn, then do
Engagement Tailored to meet your requirements:
 Link Manager Training
 Performance Tuning
 Client Security
1 day
1 day
1 day
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