Photographs Do and don`ts

Do and don’ts
•Digital cameras are great but they can
lead to a tendency to take multiple shots in
the hope that at least one will be okay. This
works for action shots but not for people
profiles as endless posing leads to forced
•If possible compose the image in the
camera – rather than relying on cropping to
tidy it up. That means you need to consider
the background as well as the subject –
particularly important to eliminate dangling
computer cords or ugly heaters in
classroom shots
• Try to take photos of people doing stuff
rather than just sitting/standing posing.
• There are three basic shots of people – close
up (head shot), mid shot (waist up but with
hands included), long shot (full length,
including feet! eg for sports shots)
• Don’t position people up against walls or trees
- have them some distance away to create
depth of field and a more lively effect
• Avoid using the flash for portraits – it
‘flattens’ the face. Also avoid the harsh
shadows created by bright sunlight.
• Activity: Go through old magazines and
identify photos which you think are
‘quality photos’. Choose 2 that don’t
work and explain why and choose 2 that
do work and explain why.
• Activity: In groups of 3-4 practise
taking well framed photos of your
profile subject. We will then view and
critique them as a class.