MyLearningPlan - Posting School Based PD

Guide to Posting School-Based
Professional Development
July 2013
• Introduction to
• Flow Chart of Proposal Process
• Posting School-Based Professional
Development (SBPD) Course
• Closing SBPD Course
• How End Users View MLP
• Calendar
• Resources
• (MLP) is a web-based service
for tracking Professional Development activities.
• Teachers use their private username (BPS+EmplID) and password(EmplID)
to select in-service activities, set-up and view individual plans, portfolios,
and receive information regarding district approval for professional
development activities.
• MLP administrators use this site to post PD activities, provide PD
certificates to personnel, record data, and create reports.
• All users benefit from the streamlined workflow which automates many
tasks and provides better, faster access to records and information.
Flow Chart-Course Proposal
DA: District Admin
OEE: Office of
DA: Login
DA: Select
Proposal Form
DA: Fill in course
OEE: Post
course to District
OEE: Review
DA: Submit
course proposal
How to post a School-Based PD
1) Login to
2) Click on the
LearningPlan tab
3) Click on SchoolBased Profess
Proposal Form: Activity
(1) Course name should be
“School Name_Title”
(2) You may specify whether
this course is beginner,
intermediate, or advanced.
This is an optional field.
(3) Choose from the following:
Online (only offered online)
In-person (only offered in
Blended (part online, part in
(4) Provide a brief description
of the course. NOTE: Spell
check link to the right.
(5) Add a website that would
be supplemental to the course
(optional field)
Proposal Form: Instructor
Select the MLP Instructor from the list provided.
• If there are more than one instructors, press CTRL, then
click on all instructors’ names.
• If the instructor is not listed, type their name into the
space provided. If this instructor is a BPS employee, also
email the instructor’s name to to give him/her MLP
Instructor privileges.
Proposal Form: Meeting
•If you select more than one meeting, the page will refresh and
list Meeting Date 1-X number of dates.
•Only select more than one meeting if you want the same
attendees to attend several meetings. If you want to post more
than one
• Be specific about the location (ex. Do not use acronyms such
as MPHS for Madison Park High School)
Proposal Form: Department
If a department
is sponsoring
your PD session,
select this
department. If
they are not
listed, type their
information in
the space
This is not a
required field.
Proposal Form: Provider
•Select “Boston Public Schools” unless there is an outside
•USUALLY, If you choose an outside provider (from drop-down
or listed underneath) you will not be able to print a BPS
certificate on MLP.
Proposal Form: Registration and
Approval Settings
•If a course is full and a participant decides to drop the course, the
first person on the waitlist will be automatically added to the
Proposal Form: Hours/Credits
•Enter the total number of hours for this course. Enter the
number of graduate/in-service credits participants will earn
(if applicable).
• Read Superintendents Circulars for credit guidelines (ex.
PDPs, in-service, stipends)
Proposal Form: Goal(s) and
Objective(s) Page 1
Proposal Form: Goal(s) and
Objective(s) Page 2
*Select the goals/objectives of your PD
* Show how your goals/objectives align with the Acceleration
Agenda, the Dimensions of Effective Teaching, Dimensions of
Effective Leadership, and your building’s goals.
Proposal Form: Purpose(s) of
If you are not giving PDPS,
select “Not Applicable” from
the drop down menu. If you
are giving PDPs, answer the
questions accurately.
If you are not giving inservice credit, select “Not
Applicable” from the drop
down menu. If you are
giving in-service credit,
answer the questions
Proposal Form: End Product/Follow Up
Confirm whether or not this course has an end-product. If there is
an end-product, add further detail.
Proposal Form: Purpose(s)
It’s VERY important to check the
correct boxes in order to print
accurate Certificates.
Proposal Forms: Framework and
• State Curriculum Framework and Strands: choose
the most appropriate strand. If none are
appropriate, select “Not Applicable.”
• Building/Grade Restrictions: Choose who you
would like to view this PD. If you restrict your PD
to a specific building/grade, only personnel with
that building/grade marked in their profile will be
able to view your PD post.
• Also specify whether or not this course has a fee,
and if it has been paid.
Closing Courses
1) Select the
District Admin
2) Select
3) Search for
the Activity
Tips for searching for Activities
•Make sure the dates selected are before the first meeting and end after the last meeting
(the broader the dates, the more likely you will see the activity!)
•Searching by program could narrow the results, but be sure you are searching the correct
program. If you can’t view it, try searching the title instead.
•When searching the title, just type a word or two rather than the whole title.
•Most activities are NOT an event, so you can usually ignore that line.
•Click Include: All
Closing Courses:
Awarding In-service Credit and PDPs
Activity Functions include:
Edit Activity (only viewable
by Department of Teacher
Development and
Advancement- contact
mylearningplan@boston.k12. if you need to edit your
View Roster
Email Functions
Confirm Attendance
Sheet
Download Roster
Cancel Activity (contact
mylearningplan@boston.k12. to cancel)
1) Select Confirm Attendance to:
Give participants the credit they earned by
attending the course
• Close the course
Closing Courses:
Awarding In Service Credit and
Professional Development Points
The total number of hours attended=the
amount of PDPs listed on Certificate
In Service Credits
The total number of credits listed= the amount
of in service credits listed on Certificate
Helpful Hint: To
save time, 1) Select Check All
2) From the drop down menu
next to Set Checked, select
House=1-3 to quickly fill in
everyone’s hours. Then,
change indiicudula hours if
people were late, left early,
or didn’t attend.
Closing Courses:
Awarding In-service Credit and
1) Select the
2) Insert the
3) Insert the
credits/ in
service credits
4) Set Approval Status to:
•Complete to finalize the participant’s
attendance and award certificate
•No Show if participant never attended
• Denied if participant didn’t complete
the course requirements (ex. Didn’t
attend enough classes, didn’t complete
NOTE: If approval status is set to Attendance
Confirmed, participants will NOT receive certificates.
You MUST set status to complete for the participants
to receive their certificate.
5) Click Save.
End-User: Searching for Courses
• Important to know how end-users (teachers, etc)
views courses.
– Search:
• Could search by program
• Pay attention to the start and end date field. Make sure the
course takes place in between that time frame (Esp for
courses with multiple meetings)
• End-user’s profile (Ex. Was this course limited to employees
that teach a certain grade/in a certain school? If so, the enduser must have that grade/school marked in their profile,.
Soon data will be synced with peoplesoft.)
• Has course been posted? (proposal flow-chart)
• Is the course still viewable? (sometimes course stops
showing if it’s a series of courses.)
End-User: Completing Course
• Once the class is over, the end-user has to
click ‘course complete’
– If there is an evaluation attached, they have to fill
out evaluation BEFORE clicking complete.
• District admin also has to complete course
• THEN course is copied into user’s portfolio.
– Click ‘portfolio’ on left hand side bar
– Click on course
– Click ‘print certificate’
MLP Calendar
1) Click on the
Calendar link to
view the District’s
PD offerings in a
calendar format.
MLP Calendar
Search for courses using
the Calendar’s Search
Select the
you would like
to view
All PD
postings from
catalogue will
be listed on
the date they
are occuring.
• Help option located at the
top right corner of MLP home page.
– Webinars are very helpful!
– PRACTICE! Don’t forget that any information you post
here will NOT be posted on
• District Policies and Guidelines
– In-Service Credit Guidelines
– Professional Development Points Guidelines
For additional support, contact:
Denisse Mayers
(p) 617-635-6030