Welcome New DW Users

WNYRIC Data Warehouse
2013 – 14 Webinar
So let’s get started with the tour…
Data Flow
What is the WNYRIC DW vs. SED DW
Log On, Security, Change Password
Who can see What in WNYRIC DW Output?
Cognos Navigation, List/Detail View
WNYRIC DW Output List – How To…
Recommended Reports for All Users
Reports vs. Cubes
Downloads (PDF, CSV & Excel), IE 10.0
What setting ensures a successful download
Log Off/Log On again
User Documentation – LDAP and Cognos Upgrade
Support – Who and Where to find more information
WNYRIC Data Warehouse Reports
• Also known as Level 1
•Used for District & Regional Reporting and
Analysis as defined by District Requirements
•Also Used to collect data needed by NYSED
for State & Federal Reporting
•Uses IBM Cognos Reporting Software
•Used for pre-printing scannable assessment
answer sheets
•Series 7 Log On
•Security is Administered by WNYRIC
L2RPT – Level 2 Reports
•Reporting against Level 2 / SIRS DW which
is the Student Information Repository System
used by the State for Verification Reporting
related to Accountability, BEDS,
Teacher/Course/Student Data
•Statewide Reporting by Unique Student
•Also used for Data Collection for Reporting to
US Dept. of Education (USDOE)
•Uses IBM Cognos Reporting Software
•SEDDAS Security is needed for access *see
your SEDDAS Administrator for your District
(usually the Superintendent of your District)
What type of output is available from
WNYRICs Level 1 Data Warehouse?
 Reports
to help you verify student data
(demographic, enrollment, program service,
assessment data etc.)
 3-8 assessment performance level and item
analysis reports and cubes.
 Regents assessment performance level and
item analysis reports and cubes.
 High School 9th grade entry date reports
including graduate and other outcomes.
. . . and more. . .
Keep in mind, wherever you see the term "Regional Success Rate" or "Gap to Region", it
refers to all the data we house in the WNYRIC Data Warehouse. Included are (as
appropriate by assessment administered)…
Buffalo City , Rochester City, Charter schools, Diocese – Buffalo, Diocese – Rochester and the
BOCES component districts for Catt Alley, Erie 1, Erie 2, Genesee Valley, GST, Monroe 1 &2, O/N,
Wayne Finger Lakes and Non – Public Schools.
New 2013
“Released Question”
Analysis Reports
NY site
To log into the
click on the
Enter your User
ID and
Password as
sent to you from
Security Officer.
Press the ‘OK’
button to
confirm your
entry. Follow
prompts should
you LOCK your
access OR wish
to change your
WNYRIC Districts
To change your Password you will need to
contact the WNYRIC Network Security
Officer with your request at:
[email protected] and cc: [email protected]
(make sure to e-mail both as Tim Russell
is the back up to Nancy Sage (Security
Officer) when she is out of the office.
RIC – A RIC User sees all of the District and
Charter Schools associated with that specific
RIC Region.
BOCES – A BOCES User sees all of the
Component District and Charter Schools for that
specific BOCES.
DISTRICT – A District or Charter School User
sees all of the specific District or Charter School
Let’s get started with a Demo navigation of Reports &
https://Dataview.wnyric.org click WNYRIC Data Warehouse
To assist users with navigation of the many Reports and Cubes the DW team has
compiled an output index. Each Path (Breadcrumb) is outlined and the Name,
Description and either an Open Report link button to view the Report OR
directions guiding you to opening a Cube.
Data Ready Reports
Reports placed in this folder are identified as important
for all district to review for one of the following reasons:
1. General confirmation
that data locked in
Level 0 was loaded to
Level 1.
2. Summary status
reports for specific
3. Potential exception
conditions, which
would require
research by the
district. E.g.
Demographic without
The first page of the Report provides for Counts based on
your selection. Scroll to view the rest of the pages within
the report – the remaining pages show detailed student
information by district, selected building(s) and grade(s).
To return to the Report selection menu click the ‘Return
Arrow’ in the Cognos menu bar
Report Results – includes the Program Type, State Program
Code and State Program (Title)
The resulting report above contains information for ALL State
Programs chosen in your prompt screen
Reports – The output is a
two dimensional one view
file. Reports run using
data refreshed from the
most recent Level 0
update or Scanned input.
Data updates are an
overnight process.
Cubes – The output enables
the user to display data from
multiple viewpoints, similar
to a Rubik’s Cube. These do
NOT refresh automatically,
as Cubes are rebuilt (various
schedules – weekly/monthly)
by the Data Warehouse Tech
Team using fresh data.
The following shows initial view for the ‘NYS
Assessments (2006-07 to present)’.
Public Folders > Student Summary Cubes > NYS Assessments
(2006-07 to present)
Note: This slide shows the ‘drag drop’ action to view the
measure Average Score. Each row comes from the various
folders on left. You have the option to change view based on
row and/or column selection. For more information on using
Cubes see the WNYRIC DW (a.k.a. Level 1) DW User Guide.
The Student Enrollment Cube is available
from the following path(breadcrumb)
Public Folders > Student Summary Cubes >
Student Enrollment
Hint – Turn ON Wrapping to assist
with using the cube.
Dimensions Viewer is hidden (no folders)
‘Wrap’ Dimensions Bar is turned on
◦ Erie 1 BOCES
◦ All Genders
Report View Icon is
located in the top menu
bar, allows the user to
download and view in
other formats such as
Excel (various versions).
Cube View Icon is
located in the bottom
menu bar, allows the
user to download and
view in other formats
such as Excel.
Internet Explorer 9
And lesser
IE Versions –
Preferences should
be set up prior to
using Dataview Reports/Cubes.
Go to User Documentation and pull
the step by step instruction that apply
to your version of IE.
Dataview (Cognos) preferences for
viewing the Reports in PDF format
can be set up using ‘My
Internet Explorer 10.0
Compatibility view enables
users with the upgraded IE
10 to successfully work with
Reports and Cubes.
The icon is located within
the URL bar located at the
top of the browser window.
Series 7
From the Dataview website
select the Documentation fly out
‘User Documentation’. The
screen refreshes with the DW
Support Place. Each DW Module
contains links to documents and
step by step directions for
Reports and Cubes .
From the WNYRIC (http://www.e1b.org/wnyric) click on the Data Readiness
tab; the page refreshes with the Data Warehouse and Test Scoring Overview
Scroll down the page and under the Data Warehouse heading (left side of
page find the gold icon “Support Place” and click on it. The page refreshes
with DW Support Place. Scroll down on the left side of the page find the “DW
User Documentation” click to open the DW Level 1 User Guide.
Note: The DW and L2RPT Support link sends an email to the WNYRIC
DW support staff:
Maggie Maloney, Denny Atkinson, Bonnie Fosbury & Sally King
The introduction of LDAP security is
due to begin in November with
Cognos User audits.
The Cognos
Upgrade will
begin around
the same time
and you will
notice changes
to where you
will click to view
Reports and
where you click
to work with
With the upgrade there will be changes to how you view Reports
and work with Cubes. New look and feel with more options when
working with data. Here are some examples of Cube Views.
Cube views for Regents Item
Analysis for Best Practice in
.pdf format
Communications will be sent via e-Mail and
shared in DDC Meetings
Training is coming
More Communications watch your e-Mail
Support – [email protected]
[email protected]
Sally A. King
Training Coordinator
Bonnie L. Fosbury
Margaret L. (Maggie) Maloney
Thank You
for your
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