Acceptable Use Policy for Faculty

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
for Faculty
Updating for 21st Century Skills
Know the 21st Century Skills:
WATCH these:
READ the Policies for Teachers
New Policies
 AUP (Acceptable Use Policy:
CQ(R) Policy:
 CIPA Policy:
BYOT Policy:
ALL BYOT must be checked out & receive a TAG from the Technology
Department before it can be used in the classroom or on campus!!!!!
READ the Policies for Teachers
New Policies
Posting Policy:
Purchasing Policies:
Inventory Policies:
Computers are NOT
Toys for students to play on
 Babysitters for students to stay occupied
 Excuses for students to talk through
email or chat with friends
 Excuses for surfing the Internet without
Teacher Direction and Monitoring
You MUST protect the District
Student should NOT be on a computer if
SOMEONE else is logged onto that
 With one click of a mouse they can gain
access to the entire district grade book
FOLDER – they don’t need your
 With one click of a mouse they can
delete many teacher resources.
If you think a student has seen your
password ---CHANGE it!
Your login opens up all types of
resources to an intruder
 You can be held liable by both state and
federal laws for giving a student
unauthorized access to district and
Internet resources
Student Technology Tools
Everyone has Blog space on TigerTube:
 Students must follow the appropriate
Access Procedures for their Blogs.
etup.htm Please be familiar with these.
 Posting Policies Apply:
Student Technology Tools
Students are able to access your online
content in both TigerTube and Epsilen
(Project Share)
 Students (6-12th) and Teachers have
School Web Lockers (hard drive space in
the “cloud”) to store their files and folders
in for access 24/7 from anywhere.
 Students have online drop boxes & ePortfolios for assignments
Student Technology Tools
Everyone has online resources:
purchased by the district. See:
 Everyone has productivity tools:
Office Suite 2007, Video Production
Software, Audio Production Software,
Google SketchPad Professional, TI
software, LabPro, and much more!
Copyright Laws
All copyright laws will be followed by
teachers and students for every
assignment or posting.
 Watch (cute!):
Remember: An idea, graphic, composition, or product created by
someone -- the ownership of that idea remains with the creator.
Use intellectual property only with permission and correct citation
All graphics from the Internet MUST be accompanied with a
All URLs (Internet sites), EMAIL, and online
communications are filtered by BESS or
 The district WILL NOT respond to a request from
a student to unblocked access to an
objectionable site.
 ONLY faculty members can request that a site be
unblocked (either permanently or temporarily)
 Attempting to go around the filter is a major
violation of CIPA & the AUP
 Faculty my bypass at any time.
*Child Internet Protection Act
URL Filters
It is NOT the intention of the district to restrict students
from valuable sites.
Teachers please plan ahead to contact the system
administrator about sites that your students might
require for any online project.
If you are issued a firewall exemption, each time you
use it, the system administrator is sent a message as
to the site, the content, and the time spent at that site.
Please be aware that online shopping for personal
items during school hours is not appropriate use of the
network. Shopping may take place before or after
school hours.
Gambling online is illegal use of the school network.
Faculty & Staff Input
Suggestions for additional technology
tools and software are collected twice a
year through online surveys
Computer Issues
KEEP the area around your computer
CLEAN! This is YOUR responsibility.
Computer carts, desks, and document
cameras all need to be kept clear of dust
and clutter.
Watch Swiffer Man:
Computer Issues?Check
QuickStarts & Peers
(1)Ask 3 then Me
(2)Check the QuickStarts:
(3) Consult Trouble Shooting Guide:
(4) Then Use Computer Maintenance
Downloading Files
All faculty members have software
available to them at:
 \\maroon\teachers\software
 Only these software packages may be
loaded on your computer without
 Any other software must be approved by
the technology director.
Illegal Use of Movies & Media
Teachers are given access to United
Streaming videos. These have been
purchased by the district for educational
 YouTube movies may be used if they
have been previewed by teacher FIRST.
 Hollywood Movies are NOT to be played
from start to finish.
Illegal Use of Movies & Media
Movies are not to be shown in the
classroom unless there are accompanying
instructional materials and objectives are
documented in the lesson plans.
 Frequent abuse of this policy has been
documented on all campuses and will no
longer be tolerated. Movies that are shown in
the entire length without pausing to discuss or
draw conclusions will not be considered
acceptable use by this district. Teachers will
be reprimanded.
Internet Safety Issues
Maintaining student safety must be a priority for all.
Safety issues involve the following: (PLEASE READ
 Students last names, phone numbers, addresses, or
other personal information will not be utilized over any
network without express permission from the student
and the parent. Please help all your students
understand how important it is for them to remain
anonymous over the Internet. This is exactly the same
precaution we use when a stranger call our home.
 Students should not join any group of activities on the
Internet that have not been recommended to them
through the Texas Education Network or another
legitimate educational resource.
Can Students Use Email?
Yes, all students have an email account through the
district. HOWEVER, they are ONLY to use this email
for school related and educational activities.
PLEASE instruct students about netiquette and about
federal law. Their email is NOT private and can be
held against them in a court of law.
They are NOT to email for the “fun” of it or for chatting
purposes. They can email teachers assignments from
home. They can respond to educational questions,
etc. They are NOT to use email to make dates or
gossip with friends.
No one is to SPAM multiple users! WATCH:
Can students check their Yahoo
 Why not?
 Because the CIPA federal law states that
children will have filtered access to
Internet and Mail resources. Yahoo and
other outside mail providers are NOT
filtered & are not under the jurisdiction of
the district.
Bypassing the CIPA Filter
All teachers are able to bypass the CIPA
filter as they deem necessary. Please be
aware that when you bypass, you are
 You may bypass the filter for a student if
it is necessary for legitimate research
purposes. But if you bypass, you must
monitor that computer CLOSELY!
 Students are NEVER to bypass filter.
Nothing on the school network is
All activities on the school network are
 All logs are public.
 If a child is on your computer with your
login, then YOU will be held accountable
for any and all activity.
 Violations of the AUP can result in harsh
fines and jail time.
Is it OK for my child to use my login?
 By law, ALL ACCESS to the network,
requires that a person read and
understand the AUP….and use their own
login name and password.
 Is there ever an exception to this rule?
Only with written permission from the
Network Administrator who will log that
time period.
When do YOU NOT Monitor Access?
Students may NEVER be on a school
computer without a teacher monitoring!
 Students have a tendency to attempt
whatever practices they have developed
at home or elsewhere.
 Many times this type of surfing or
chatting is definitely inappropriate for
school use.
When a student is ON a Computer
YOU are responsible for monitoring their
access and all their use.
 All activities MUST be TEKS-based
learning activities that are included in
your lesson plans.
 Wasting time on a computer is NOT
allowed for any reason at any time
during the school day.
Instructing Students in AUP
It is all teacher’s responsibility to instruct
students in the AUP, Internet Safety
Issues, Copyright Laws, and Posting
 These are integral to your daily
technology integration practices.
 These are required by your TEKS and
Texas state law.
Serious Consequences
When you have finished this PowerPoint & 21st
Century Learning in Epsilen:
(1) you are to email your principal and Dr. Rousseau
STATING: “I have read the Updated Technology
Policies and I understand them.”
(2) Take the Policy Quiz in Epsilen for 21st Century
Any further violations will result in a formal written
reprimand and loss of network privileges
We are NOT about to loose our federal funds due to
the lack of enforcement of federal laws