Acceptable Use Policy PowerPoint Presentation

Acceptable Use Policy
What Is an AUP?
written guidelines
that define the terms and conditions
for Internet use at school
and/or while using district-provided
equipment and services.
Who must sign an AUP?
Anyone using district equipment and/or
services to access the Internet must have
a signed AUP on file.
This form was part of the packet of
materials filled out by families at the
beginning of the school year.
New students fill this out when enrolling.
Components of Our AUP
 The district AUP includes components that
why the Internet is used for instruction,
what is available,
guidelines for appropriate use,
consequences for inappropriate use,
and rights and responsibilities of both
users and the district.
We believe:
Computers and the internet are powerful
tools in education.
Students should be taught the proper use
of computer and internet resources.
Computer and internet use are a privilege.
Description of Access
Students have access to computer labs
through their classroom teachers.
District online resources and other
appropriate educational resources are to
be used to complete school work.
Description of Access, cont.
Students who access restricted or
inappropriate sites will lose computer
Repeated offenses will be noted and
reported to administration.
User Responsibilities
 Be polite.
 Use appropriate language.
 Use internet sites that are connected unit of
 Respect school rules and behavior standards.
 Do not violate laws, regulations or copyright.
 Accurately represent myself.
 Remember that what I do is not private.
 Respect the privacy of others. Do not use someone
else’s password or information.
 Respect computer equipment and use of the network.
We expect
students to
encourage other
students to follow
these guidelines.
District Rights and
Teach students appropriate and ethical use of
computers and internet.
Help students understand the guidelines.
Help students locate appropriate sites for school
Monitor student use of computers.
Not post student work without parent/guardian
Limit access to the internet or computer
network if the student does not follow AUP.
Consequences for Misuse
1st Warning by any staff -- will result
in loss of any and all computer use for the
remainder of the day.
2nd Warning will result in a two-week
computer suspension.
3rd Warning will be handled on a caseby-case basis with the assistance of the
Extent of Loss of Privileges
When a student looses their computer
privileges they lose
all access to the network,
including email,
their home folder
and the ability to TOUCH or log onto a
computer from anywhere in the district.
How Does This Impact Me?
You are required to sign the AUP annually
to use school equipment and Internet
Signed student AUPs are kept on file.
Only students with current AUPs may
access the Internet using equipment or
services provided by the school.
See your media specialist.
Ask the administration at your school.
Call the district IT offices at