How to Write a Spool Paper

How to Write a Spool Paper
Organizing your thoughts and ideas into paragraphs
Introductory Paragraph
This starts with a lead (question,
interesting fact, quote, anecdote)
used to gain the reader’s attention.
This paragraph also contains the thesis
statement, which is the controlling
idea and contains the topics for each
paragraph in the body.
Body Paragraphs
Each paragraph should develop
one of the key points of the thesis
Each paragraph should contain a
well-developed topic sentence and
five to seven supporting sentences.
These supporting sentences may
contain facts, reasons, examples,
These paragraphs should also contain
transitions that move the reader
smoothly between each paragraph.
Concluding Paragraph
This paragraph should tie all the important
points in the essay together and draw a final
conclusion for the reader.
This paragraph may restate the thesis
statement, summarize the key points,
offer a final thought or quote and gives
the feeling of business completed.