April 23 2014

Please take out your English notebook, your
copy of the book, and write down today’s
learning target
Learning target: Construct argumentative paragraph
“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their
whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.” ~ F. Scott
Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
 Discussion
 Bring in all your project extras (including interview
questions) to be checked in class on Friday, April
25th (work day in Lab 200 on Thursday)
What was important or meaningful about Holden’s
visit with Phoebe?
Write one paragraph answering the question, “What, if
anything, is wrong with Holden?”
Support your paragraph with multiple pieces of evidence (at
least one direct quote with page number)
Paragraph structure help:
Claim: The sentence stating your overall argument to address the
question being asked
Context: Setting up your quote, saying what’s happened before
Concrete Detail: A quote or a specific action/event explained in
Commentary: Explain the quote’s meaning or purpose, and
analyze how it supports your claim
Write a question or observation about these last
chapters on an index card
If your paper is a redo
Read over the rubric comments from RD #2, and
look over your comments on the final draft. Did
you address all of those concerns between drafts?
(I wrote very few notes on actual final draft, because I wrote A TON on
the RD#2)
Know what to do to fix the last issues? Do it! Get
it back to me ASAP.
Don’t know how to address the issues? Talk to me
to make an appointment to chat one on one about
your paper.
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