Developing Student-Friendly Learning Targets from Kentucky`s Core

Learning Targets:
The Little
Statement that
Accessing Prior Knowledge
When I say Learning Target, you feel:
Learning Targets…
 Are
derived directly from grade-level
 Statements of what we want students to
learn and be able to do
 Written in student-friendly languageusually ‘I can’ statements
Today’s Targets
I can state what a learning target is
I can transform a benchmark into learning
I understand the role learning targets will
play in the 2012 curriculum
Big Wig Support
Students who can identify what they are
learning significantly outscore those who
cannot- Marzano
The single most common barrier to sound
classroom assessment is the teachers’ lack of
vision of appropriate achievement targets within
the subjects they are supposed to teach- Stiggins
A Target…
Takes benchmark language:
 Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to
support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as
inferences drawn from the text, including determining
where the text leaves matters uncertain
And makes it student-friendly:
I can cite strong and thorough textual evidence and show
understanding of:
What is explicit and implicit
What inferences can be drawn
Where the text is uncertain
Another Awesome Example
 Demonstrate command of
the conventions of standard
English grammar and usage
when writing or speaking:
 (a) Explain the function
of phrases and clauses in
general and their
function in specific
Learning Target:
I can produce
compound sentences
with the two compound
sentence formulas and
with varying numbers
of subjects and
Look at nouns and verbs within the
Ask yourself, “What should know or be able
to do based on this benchmark?”
Learning Targets and the Future
Began with products
Created targets
Organized targets in instructional
Grade 9 Informative Writing
What they can do for teachers…
More focused instructional planning
 Sharpens teachers’ focus on the learning
 Strengthens connections with parents
related to learning expectations for their
What they mean for our schools…
Create equity across the district- all
students working toward common
Allow for concrete skills for analysis in
PLCs/Data Teams
Allows for ELL, SpEd, Reading and ELA to
share data
Before you go…
I want to know more about…
I am wondering…
I really want to tell you…