Concept Map _S.Barker

Concept Map
Stephanie Barker
Due: June 8, 2010
What is it?
• A concept map is a visual way to organize
information graphically.
• Lines are drawn from one concept to another,
these lines represent a relationship between
the concepts.
Why use them?
• Concept maps like other visual graphic
organizers aid in clarification of a topic or text.
Plant Terms in the Evolution of Plants
Concept Map
• Charophytes – Green Algae
• Bryophytes – ‘Land Plants’ that do not have a
vascular system
• Pteridophytes – Vascular system plants that
do not flower or produce seeds.
• Gymnosperms – Plants with a vascular system
that produces seeds not coated with an ovary
• Angiosperms – Flowering plants that produce
seeds covered by an ovary
Examples of Plants
• Charophytes – Green Algae
• Bryophytes –
– Mosses, Liverwarts, and Hornwarts
• Pteridophytes –
– Ferns, Club Mosses, Spike Mosses Horsetails
• Gymnosperms –
– Ginkgophytes, Conifers, Gnetopsids, Cycads
• Angiosperms –
– Fruit Trees and shrubs
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