Unit 2.10 - Page`s History Page

• Bell Ringer: What is represented in the
following cartoon and who seems to be
Why was Representation an major
issue at the Philadelphia convention?
Unit 2.10
Great Compromise
What were the disagreements about
• All but PA and GA had
bicameral legislatures
(two houses)
• VA plan controversy
was over proportional
Madison, Wilson and King
Opposing side
• Representation in both
houses determined by
• Gov’t that acted on and
represented the people
should give equal voting
power to equal numbers
• Madison said states should
not be represented at Fed,
but representatives should
serve districts, and connect
people of district to Fed
• Equal representation as in
the Articles
• Fed gov’t derives from and
represents states not
• Did not want states with
larger populations to
overpower smaller states
• Wanted an equal voice for
all states
New Jersey Plan… “Plans ahh heeere!”
William Paterson - NJ plan June 5, 1787
• Congress has one House as in Confederation
Congress has one House as in Confederation
Power to levy and collect duties and stamp taxes
Power to regulate interstate and global trade
Power to make laws as supreme law of the land;
states could not create conflicting laws
• Executive: made up of several persons appointed
by Congress
– Power to administer national laws, appoint execs,
direct military operations
• Supreme court appointed by Executive Branch
– Power to decide cases involving treaties, trade and
collect taxes
Results of NJ plan debate and vote
• Introduced after VA plan and many wanted new
stronger government
• NJ acted on states and individuals and was not
the stronger answer
• It was not accepted and the unicameral National
legislature was scrapped but representation in
bicameral legislature was hotly debated (and
almost made the Convention a failure).
• A committee was assigned to hammer out the
Committee =Great Compromise
• House if Reps
develops all bills
for taxation and
gov’t spending
• Senate accepts or
rejects bills later
changed to allow
them to amend
taxes and develop
appropriation bills
What does this mean?
• Small states get equal representation in
• Large states get control of House or
• Madison and several others disagree, fearing
senate was going to be weak like A of C
• Some smaller states were suspicious but it
passed by one vote
New states
• Northwest Ordinance stated
states had to be added with
same provisions as original 13equal representation in
• Delegates decided a Census
needed to be done every 10
years to reapportion or
reallocate seats in the house
based on population shifts