Culture Blend in a Global Age

By: Rachel Ortlinghaus
The main idea of the article “Culture Blend in a
Global Age” is that technology has increased
the contact among the worlds people, changing
their cultures. When a culture’s background is
changed its also known as Popular Culture.
Popular Culture contains music, sports,
movies, fashions, and foods.
Culture Blend matters today because
globalization has changed the ways people
live, beliefs, attitudes, and communications. I
think that the three biggest ways that culture
blend is shown is fashion, foods, and music.
Cultural Blend has been shown through fashion all
throughout the world. For example, all countries have
been becoming more materialism. Materialism is the
tendency to consider material possessions and physical
comfort as more important than spiritual values.
Jeans are from America
but more people in Asia
have started to wear
White wedding dresses
are also being brought
to Asia, more women
want a white wedding
dress rather than their
traditional dress.
There are lots of
designers that are from
Asia but have lot of
their clothing and
fashion lines here in
America. For example,
there’s Barney Cheng,
Wang, and Vera Wang.
Maria Luisa Ortiz
In the picture above it’s not
Maria. Maria designs clothes
for wealthy women and
brides-to-be. Her partner is
Veronica Alvarez.
Franca Lovely Chus
Franca was known for
designing shoe with a
think heel and cool
patterns. All of her
shoes are hand made in
There are a lot of European fashion designers that have been brought to
America. They are the more high class designers and they’re very
Ralph Lauren
Michael Kors
Louis Vuitton
Olga Vilshenko
Olga is a very
popular fashion
designer in Russia.
Her fashion
collections get
inspired by her
country, everything
around her inspires
Dasha Gauser
Dasha style is more for
the younger age
women. She’s also one
of the younger fashion
Fashion matters now because everyone uses it
today. Fashion is everywhere, when you look
at or met someone the first thing you notice
about them is their sense of style. Many people
these days are all materialistic and like the
more expensive and higher class brands.
I believe that it’s a good thing that culture are
becoming more Westernized because its
developing many countries and helping them
with their standard of living. Also its helping
governments work together toward the same
common goal. But I also believe that its
important for countries to still their own
uniqueness. They should all still have
Click here for video !!!
This video shows how fashion is spread
throughout the world.