Learnist Board

What is a Learnist Board?
Learnist (http://learni.st) is free
media and resource sharing
site that is an extremely useful
tool for teachers and students
to curate a number of relevant
sites relating to a topic.
Learnist is also available as an
iPad app and an Android app
Let’s look at Learnist Boards
A Grade 1 teacher on Learnist
Two of my boards
• Great ideas about creating presentations using PowerPoint
• Ipad Summit posts, Boston 2012
Let’s create a Learnist Board
Join Learnist and sign in
Set up your profile
Create a new board
How I did it! (An example)
One of my boards
1. Choose a cover image
2. Choose one of three options
3. Add the web address
Keeps all resources together in a particular order
It is accessible from wherever one is
One can share a board with others
One can follow others with similar interests.
Students could also use Learnist for a project to
show the sites they used
• Is available as an iPad and an Android app
Visit me on Learnist…
So it continues. Just keep adding links or pictures or videos
in the order that you want them to appear. Take a look at
http://learni.st/users/36830 to see how I have started and
then explore all the amazing boards from various educators
on Learnist.
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