Punctuation Grammar/Myths and Fables

VITAL Grant – Lesson Plans for Technology-Infused Learning
Unit/lesson title: Punctuation Grammar/Myths and Fables
Subject Area(s) addressed: ESL II/Communication
Grade level(s) targeted: 9,10,11
Standards addressed: SL9-10.6/L.9-10.2a/L.9-10.2b/RI 9-10.4
Technology/materials needed: Computers/iPads/Worksheets
Websites/app(s)/digital resources used: Spanish: Mind Snacks
Lesson description: Student will be learning about proper usage with punctuation and
practicing communication from English to Spanish.
Librarian’s collaborative role: Librarian will facilitate proper usage of iPads and
Mindsnacks application
RtI/ELL adaptations: This application increases in difficulty and includes various
activities. These capabilities within the app lend themselves to the ability to
differentiate and adapt instruction based on specific student learning needs.
Assessment (please include any support materials developed):
Completion of worksheet and long term demonstration of improved use of standard
Tips for other teachers implementing this lesson: There is a free version of this app as
well as a paid version. The teacher will most likely eventually want the paid version
because it allows the students to progress to higher levels of the learning activities. The
issue is that an individual Mind Snacks accounts must be created for each individual user
or each individual iPad. We opted to create accounts for each iPad so that subsequent
users would not have to stop and take the time to create an account.
Submitted by
School: Curie
Librarians: Dennis Laskey and Carmen Adams
Classroom Teacher/Subject: S. Babos/Special Eduation Language Arts