The Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition
The Great Exhibition was designed and
built in the same year of 1851. It was built
and finished in 9 months. It was designed
by Joseph Paxton.
The Building was built for different
countries to come together and
show of their finest creations as
well as designs. Each country had a
section place for their own space.
It was a structure made from iron and glass. It
sparkled in the sun so it was soon named the
Crystal Palace because it looked like crystal.
On the 1st May, 1851, the grand opening of The
Great Exhibition was presented by Queen Victoria
and Prince Albert of which they wanted the Crystal
Palace to be built. Joseph Paxton ( the designer) put
a lot of detail into the structure and built exactly!
The Palace was originally built in Hyde park
before relocating to Penge Common
Inside the Great Exhibition were fully grown trees ,
a hardware section, fountains on the outside and
inside and furniture from the Commonwealth.
Unfortunately there was a roaring
inferno took place and The Great
Exhibition burnt down to the ground.